Alexander Tonkikh
Alexander Tonkikh
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Diffusion-induced growth of GaAs nanowhiskers during molecular beam epitaxy: Theory and experiment
VG Dubrovskii, GE Cirlin, IP Soshnikov, AA Tonkikh, NV Sibirev, ...
Physical review B 71 (20), 205325, 2005
Pseudomorphic GeSn/Ge (001) quantum wells: Examining indirect band gap bowing
AA Tonkikh, C Eisenschmidt, VG Talalaev, ND Zakharov, J Schilling, ...
Applied Physics Letters 103 (3), 032106, 2013
Atomic structure of MBE-grown GaAs nanowhiskers
IP Soshnikov, GE Cirlin, AA Tonkikh, YB Samsonenko, VG Dubovskii, ...
Physics of the Solid State 47, 2213-2218, 2005
Structural and electronic properties of epitaxial multilayer h-BN on Ni(111) for spintronics applications
YSD A. A. Tonkikh, E. N. Voloshina, P. Werner, H. Blumtritt, B. Senkovskiy ...
Scientific Reports 6, 23547, 2016
On the non‐monotonic lateral size dependence of the height of GaAs nanowhiskers grown by molecular beam epitaxy at high temperature
VG Dubrovskii, IP Soshnikov, GE Cirlin, AA Tonkikh, YB Samsonenko, ...
physica status solidi (b) 241 (7), R30-R33, 2004
Effect of growth kinetics on the structural and optical properties of quantum dot ensembles
VG Dubrovskii, GE Cirlin, YG Musikhin, YB Samsonenko, AA Tonkikh, ...
Journal of crystal growth 267 (1-2), 47-59, 2004
Room-temperature light emission from a highly strained Si/Ge superlattice
ND Zakharov, VG Talalaev, P Werner, AA Tonkikh, GE Cirlin
Applied physics letters 83 (15), 3084-3086, 2003
The diffusion mechanism in the formation of GaAs and AlGaAs nanowhiskers during the process of molecular-beam epitaxy
GE Cirlin, VG Dubrovskii, NV Sibirev, IP Soshnikov, YB Samsonenko, ...
Semiconductors 39, 557-564, 2005
Miniband-related 1.4–1.8 μm luminescence of Ge/Si quantum dot superlattices
VG Talalaev, GE Cirlin, AA Tonkikh, ND Zakharov, P Werner, U Gösele, ...
Handbook of Self Assembled Semiconductor Nanostructures for Novel Devices in …, 2008
Room temperature electroluminescence from Ge/Si quantum dots superlattice close to 1.6 μm
VG Talalaev, GE Cirlin, AA Tonkikh, ND Zakharov, P Werner
physica status solidi (a) 198 (1), R4-R6, 2003
Influence of the doping level on the porosity of silicon nanowires prepared by metal-assisted chemical etching
N Geyer, N Wollschläger, B Fuhrmann, A Tonkikh, A Berger, P Werner, ...
Nanotechnology 26 (24), 245301, 2015
Cubic phase Sn-rich GeSn nanocrystals in a Ge matrix
AA Tonkikh, ND Zakharov, AA Suvorova, C Eisenschmidt, J Schilling, ...
Crystal growth & design 14 (4), 1617-1622, 2014
Ge/Si (100) quantum dots grown via a thin Sb layer
A Tonkikh, N Zakharov, V Talalaev, P Werner
physica status solidi (RRL)–Rapid Research Letters 4 (8‐9), 224-226, 2010
Transient spectroscopy of InAs quantum dot molecules
VG Talalaev, JW Tomm, ND Zakharov, P Werner, BV Novikov, AA Tonkikh
Applied physics letters 85 (2), 284-286, 2004
Temperature dependence of the quantum dot lateral size in the Ge/Si (100) system
AA Tonkikh, VG Dubrovskii, GE Cirlin, VA Egorov, VM Ustinov, P Werner
physica status solidi (b) 236 (1), R1-R3, 2003
Dependence of structural and optical properties of QD arrays in an InAs/GaAs system on surface temperature and growth rate
VG Dubrovskii, YG Musikhin, GE Cirlin, VA Egorov, NK Polyakov, ...
Semiconductors 38, 329-334, 2004
Electron diffraction on GaAs nanowhiskers grown on Si (100) and Si (111) substrates by molecular-beam epitaxy
IP Soshnikov, GE Cirlin, AA Tonkikh, VN Nevedomskiĭ, YB Samsonenko, ...
Physics of the Solid State 49, 1440-1445, 2007
Aperiodic SiSn/Si multilayers for thermoelectric applications
AA Tonkikh, ND Zakharov, C Eisenschmidt, HS Leipner, P Werner
Journal of crystal growth 392, 49-51, 2014
Surfactant‐mediated Stranski–K rastanov islands
AA Tonkikh, P Werner
physica status solidi (b) 250 (9), 1795-1798, 2013
Photoinduced mid-infrared intraband light absorption and photoconductivity in Ge/Si quantum dots
AN Sofronov, LE Vorobjev, DA Firsov, VY Panevin, RM Balagula, ...
Superlattices and microstructures 87, 53-57, 2015
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