Ivan Izonin / Іван Ізонін
Ivan Izonin / Іван Ізонін
Ph.D., Associate Professor at the Department of Artificial Intelligence, LPNU
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Image Superresolution via Divergence Matrix and Automatic Detection of Crossover
D Peleshko, T Rak, I Izonin
International Journal of Intelligent Systems and Applications 8 (12), 1, 2016
Model and principles for the implementation of neural-like structures based on geometric data transformations
R Tkachenko, I Izonin
International Conference on Computer Science, Engineering and Education …, 2018
Single-frame image super-resolution based on singular square matrix operator
Y Rashkevych, D Peleshko, O Vynokurova, I Izonin, N Lotoshynska
2017 IEEE First Ukraine Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering …, 2017
Learning-based image scaling using neural-like structure of geometric transformation paradigm
R Tkachenko, P Tkachenko, I Izonin, Y Tsymbal
Advances in Soft Computing and Machine Learning in Image Processing, 537-565, 2018
The combined use of the wiener polynomial and SVM for material classification task in medical implants production
I Izonin, A Trostianchyn, Z Duriagina, R Tkachenko, T Tepla, ...
Int. J. Intell. Syst. Appl.(IJISA) 10 (9), 40-47, 2018
Design and implementation of visitors queue density analysis and registration method for retail videosurveillance purposes
D Peleshko, Y Ivanov, B Sharov, I Izonin, Y Borzov
2016 IEEE First International Conference on Data Stream Mining & Processing …, 2016
Adaptive wavelet diagnostic neuro-fuzzy system for biomedical tasks
Y Bodyanskiy, I Perova, O Vynokurova, I Izonin
Proc. of 14th International Conference on Advanced Trends in …, 2018
Missing data imputation through SGTM neural-like structure for environmental monitoring tasks
O Mishchuk, R Tkachenko, I Izonin
International Conference on Computer Science, Engineering and Education …, 2019
Imbalance Data Classification via Neural-like Structures of Geometric Transformations Model: Local and Global Approaches
R Tkachenko, A Doroshenko, I Izonin, Y Tsymbal, B Havrysh
International conference on computer science, engineering and education …, 2018
Learning-based image super-resolution using weight coefficients of synaptic connections
I Izonin, R Tkachenko, D Peleshko, T Rak, D Batyuk
2015 Xth International Scientific and Technical Conference" Computer …, 2015
Multiple Linear Regression based on Coefficients Identification using Non-Iterative SGTM Neural-Like Structure
I Izonin, R Tkachenko, N Kryvinska, P Tkachenko
International Work-Conference on Artificial Neural Networks, 467-479, 2019
Development of the non-iterative supervised learning predictor based on the ito decomposition and SGTM neural-like structure for managing medical insurance costs
R Tkachenko, I Izonin, P Vitynskyi, N Lotoshynska, O Pavlyuk
Data 3 (4), 46, 2018
Two-frames image superresolution based on the aggregate divergence matrix
D Peleshko, T Rak, M Peleshko, I Izonin, D Batyuk
2016 IEEE First International Conference on Data Stream Mining & Processing …, 2016
Hybridization of the SGTM neural-like structure through inputs polynomial extension
P Vitynskyi, R Tkachenko, I Izonin, H Kutucu
2018 IEEE Second International Conference on Data Stream Mining & Processing …, 2018
Adaptive moving object segmentation algorithms in cluttered environments
Y Ivanov, D Peleshko, O Makoveychuk, I Izonin, I Malets, N Lotoshunska, ...
The Experience of Designing and Application of CAD Systems in …, 2015
Analysis of invariant moments in tasks image processing
D Peleshko, M Peleshko, N Kustra, I Izonin
2011 11th International Conference The Experience of Designing and …, 2011
Non-Iterative Neural-Like Predictor for Solar Energy in Libya
T Roman, K Hakan, I Ivan, D Anastasya, T Yurii
Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on ICT in Education …, 2018
Development of machine learning method of titanium alloy properties identification in additive technologies
R Tkachenko, Z Duriagina, I Lemishka, I Izonin, A Trostianchyn
Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies 3 (12(93)), 23-31, 2018
SGD-based Wiener Polynomial Approximation for Missing Data Recovery in Air Pollution Monitoring Dataset
I Izonin, R Tkachenko, M Logoyda, O Mishchuk, Y Kynash
International Work-Conference on Artificial Neural Networks, 781-793, 2019
Alloys selection based on the supervised learning technique for design of biocompatible medical materials
TL Tepla, IV Izonin, ZA Duriagina, RO Tkachenko, AM Trostianchyn, ...
Archives of Materials Science and Engineering 93 (1), 32-40, 2018
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