Eric Paterson
Eric Paterson
Rolls-Royce Commonweath Professor, National Security Institute, Virginia Tech
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Comprehensive approach to verification and validation of CFD simulations—part 1: methodology and procedures
F Stern, RV Wilson, HW Coleman, EG Paterson
J. Fluids Eng. 123 (4), 793-802, 2001
Physics-informed machine learning approach for augmenting turbulence models: A comprehensive framework
JL Wu, H Xiao, E Paterson
Physical Review Fluids 3 (7), 074602, 2018
Comprehensive approach to verification and validation of CFD simulations—Part 2: Application for RANS simulation of a cargo/container ship
RV Wilson, F Stern, HW Coleman, EG Paterson
J. Fluids Eng. 123 (4), 803-810, 2001
The fluid dynamics of canine olfaction: unique nasal airflow patterns as an explanation of macrosmia
BA Craven, EG Paterson, GS Settles
Journal of the Royal Society Interface 7 (47), 933-943, 2010
Reconstruction and Morphometric Analysis of the Nasal Airway of the Dog (Canis familiaris) and Implications Regarding Olfactory Airflow
BA Craven, T Neuberger, EG Paterson, AG Webb, EM Josephson, ...
The Anatomical Record: Advances in Integrative Anatomy and Evolutionary …, 2007
OpenFOAM for computational fluid dynamics
G Chen, Q Xiong, PJ Morris, EG Paterson, A Sergeev, Y Wang
Notices of the AMS 61 (4), 354-363, 2014
Assessment of CFD performance in simulations of an idealized medical device: results of FDA’s first computational interlaboratory study
SFC Stewart, EG Paterson, GW Burgreen, P Hariharan, M Giarra, ...
Cardiovascular Engineering and Technology 3, 139-160, 2012
Verification and validation of CFD simulations
F Stern, RV Wilson, HW Coleman, EG Paterson
Iowa Institute of Hydraulic Research IIHR 407, 1999
Multilaboratory particle image velocimetry analysis of the FDA benchmark nozzle model to support validation of computational fluid dynamics simulations
P Hariharan, M Giarra, V Reddy, SW Day, KB Manning, S Deutsch, ...
A pressure-based, compressible, two-phase flow finite volume method for underwater explosions
ST Miller, H Jasak, DA Boger, EG Paterson, A Nedungadi
Computers & Fluids 87, 132-143, 2013
Fluid–structure interaction analysis of flexible turbomachinery
RL Campbell, EG Paterson
Journal of Fluids and Structures 27 (8), 1376-1391, 2011
General-purpose parallel unsteady RANS ship hydrodynamics code: CFDSHIP-IOWA
EG Paterson, RV Wilson, F Stern
IIHR report 432, 2003
Computational study of the wake and contaminant transport of a walking human
BA Edge, EG Paterson, GS Settles
A computational study of odorant transport and deposition in the canine nasal cavity: implications for olfaction
MJ Lawson, BA Craven, EG Paterson, GS Settles
Chemical senses 37 (6), 553-566, 2012
Development and validation of a tightly coupled CFD/6-DOF solver for simulating floating offshore wind turbine platforms
AJ Dunbar, BA Craven, EG Paterson
Ocean Engineering 110, 98-105, 2015
Unsteady RANS CFD method for naval combatant in waves
R Wilson
22nd Symposium on Naval Hydrodynamics, 1998, 183-197, 1998
Development and verification of a high-fidelity computational fluid dynamics model of canine nasal airflow
BA Craven, EG Paterson, GS Settles, MJ Lawson
Results of FDA’s first interlaboratory computational study of a nozzle with a sudden contraction and conical diffuser
SFC Stewart, P Hariharan, EG Paterson, GW Burgreen, V Reddy, SW Day, ...
Cardiovascular Engineering and Technology 4, 374-391, 2013
Data-driven, physics-based feature extraction from fluid flow fields
CM Ströfer, J Wu, H Xiao, E Paterson
arXiv preprint arXiv:1802.00775, 2018
CFD-based method for simulation of marine-vehicle maneuvering
B Racine, E Paterson
35th AIAA Fluid Dynamics Conference and Exhibit, 4904, 2005
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