Christnacher Frank
Christnacher Frank
French-German Research Institute of Saint-Louis
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Long-range three-dimensional active imaging with superresolution depth mapping
M Laurenzis, F Christnacher, D Monnin
Optics letters 32 (21), 3146-3148, 2007
Three-dimensional single-photon imaging through obscurants
R Tobin, A Halimi, A McCarthy, M Laurenzis, F Christnacher, GS Buller
Optics express 27 (4), 4590-4611, 2019
Optical and acoustical UAV detection
F Christnacher, S Hengy, M Laurenzis, A Matwyschuk, P Naz, S Schertzer, ...
Electro-Optical Remote Sensing X 9988, 83-95, 2016
Image coding for three-dimensional range-gated imaging
M Laurenzis, E Bacher
Applied optics 50 (21), 3824-3828, 2011
Homogeneous and speckle-free laser illumination for range-gated imaging and active polarimetry
M Laurenzis, Y Lutz, F Christnacher, A Matwyschuk, JM Poyet
Optical Engineering 51 (6), 061302, 2012
Three-dimensional range-gated imaging at infrared wavelengths with super-resolution depth mapping
M Laurenzis, F Christnacher, N Metzger, E Bacher, I Zielenski
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A 3D outdoor scene scanner based on a night-vision range-gated active imaging system
D Monnin, AL Schneider, F Christnacher, Y Lutz
Third International Symposium on 3D Data Processing, Visualization, and …, 2006
Influence of gating and of the gate shape on the penetration capacity of range-gated active imaging in scattering environments
F Christnacher, S Schertzer, N Metzger, E Bacher, M Laurenzis, ...
Optics express 23 (26), 32897-32908, 2015
Investigation of range-gated imaging in scattering environments
M Laurenzis, F Christnacher, D Monnin, T Scholz
Optical Engineering 51 (6), 061303, 2012
Multi-sensor field trials for detection and tracking of multiple small unmanned aerial vehicles flying at low altitude
M Laurenzis, S Hengy, A Hommes, F Kloeppel, A Shoykhetbrod, T Geibig, ...
Signal Processing, Sensor/Information Fusion, and Target Recognition XXVI …, 2017
Detection of acoustic, electro-optical and RADAR signatures of small unmanned aerial vehicles
A Hommes, A Shoykhetbrod, D Noetel, S Stanko, M Laurenzis, S Hengy, ...
Target and Background Signatures II 9997, 999701, 2016
3D range-gated imaging in scattering environments
M Laurenzis, F Christnacher, D Monnin, I Zielenski
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3D laser gated viewing from a moving submarine platform
F Christnacher, M Laurenzis, D Monnin, G Schmitt, N Metzger, ...
Electro-Optical Remote Sensing, Photonic Technologies, and Applications VIII …, 2014
Display of an analytical model for backscattered luminance and a full-field range gated imaging system for vision in fog
E Belin, F Christnecher, F Taillade, M Laurenzis
Remote Sensing Applications for Aviation Weather Hazard Detection and …, 2008
Multimodal UAV detection: Study of various intrusion scenarios
S Hengy, M Laurenzis, S Schertzer, A Hommes, F Kloeppel, ...
Electro-Optical Remote Sensing XI 10434, 203-212, 2017
Laser gated viewing at ISL for vision through smoke, active polarimetry, and 3D imaging in NIR and SWIR wavelength bands
M Laurenzis, F Christnacher
Advanced Optical Technologies 2 (5-6), 397-405, 2013
Study of single photon counting for non-line-of-sight vision
M Laurenzis, F Christnacher, J Klein, MB Hullin, A Velten
Advanced Photon Counting Techniques IX 9492, 31-38, 2015
Underwater laser imaging experiments in the Baltic Sea
M Laurenzis, F Christnacher, T Scholz, N Metzger, S Schertzer, E Bacher
Electro-Optical Remote Sensing, Photonic Technologies, and Applications VIII …, 2014
Laser diode illuminator for night vision on-board a 155-mm artillery shell
Y Lutz, F Christnacher
Laser Systems Technology 5087, 185-194, 2003
New approaches of three-dimensional range-gated imaging in scattering environments
M Laurenzis, F Christnacher, E Bacher, N Metzger, S Schertzer, T Scholz
Electro-Optical Remote Sensing, Photonic Technologies, and Applications V …, 2011
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