Evangelos Skoulas
Evangelos Skoulas
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Laser engineering of biomimetic surfaces
E Stratakis, J Bonse, J Heitz, J Siegel, GD Tsibidis, E Skoulas, ...
Materials Science and Engineering: R: Reports 141, 100562, 2020
Biomimetic surface structuring using cylindrical vector femtosecond laser beams
E Skoulas, A Manousaki, C Fotakis, E Stratakis
Scientific reports 7 (1), 45114, 2017
Biomimetic omnidirectional antireflective glass via direct ultrafast laser nanostructuring
A Papadopoulos, E Skoulas, A Mimidis, G Perrakis, G Kenanakis, ...
Advanced Materials 31 (32), 1901123, 2019
Convection roll-driven generation of supra-wavelength periodic surface structures on dielectrics upon irradiation with femtosecond pulsed lasers
GD Tsibidis, E Skoulas, A Papadopoulos, E Stratakis
Physical Review B 94 (8), 081305, 2016
Controlling the wettability of steel surfaces processed with femtosecond laser pulses
C Florian, E Skoulas, D Puerto, A Mimidis, E Stratakis, J Solis, J Siegel
ACS applied materials & interfaces 10 (42), 36564-36571, 2018
Ripple formation on nickel irradiated with radially polarized femtosecond beams
GD Tsibidis, E Skoulas, E Stratakis
Optics letters 40 (22), 5172-5175, 2015
Mimicking lizard-like surface structures upon ultrashort laser pulse irradiation of inorganic materials
U Hermens, SV Kirner, C Emonts, P Comanns, E Skoulas, A Mimidis, ...
Applied Surface Science 418, 499-507, 2017
Mimicking bug-like surface structures and their fluid transport produced by ultrashort laser pulse irradiation of steel
SV Kirner, U Hermens, A Mimidis, E Skoulas, C Florian, F Hischen, ...
Applied Physics A 123, 1-13, 2017
Omnidirectional iridescence via cylindrically-polarized femtosecond laser processing
N Livakas, E Skoulas, E Stratakis
Opto-Electronic Advances 3 (5), 190035-1-190035-8, 2020
Modelling periodic structure formation on 100Cr6 steel after irradiation with femtosecond-pulsed laser beams
GD Tsibidis, A Mimidis, E Skoulas, SV Kirner, J Krüger, J Bonse, ...
Applied Physics A 124, 1-13, 2018
Effect of a liquid environment on single-pulse generation of laser induced periodic surface structures and nanoparticles
CY Shih, I Gnilitskyi, MV Shugaev, E Skoulas, E Stratakis, LV Zhigilei
Nanoscale 12 (14), 7674-7687, 2020
Formation of periodic surface structures on dielectrics after irradiation with laser beams of spatially variant polarisation: a comparative study
A Papadopoulos, E Skoulas, GD Tsibidis, E Stratakis
Applied Physics A 124, 1-12, 2018
Biomimetic surface structures in steel fabricated with femtosecond laser pulses: Influence of laser rescanning on morphology and wettability
CF Baron, A Mimidis, D Puerto, E Skoulas, E Stratakis, J Solis, J Siegel
Beilstein journal of nanotechnology 9 (1), 2802-2812, 2018
Laser induced periodic surface structures as polarizing optical elements
E Skoulas, AC Tasolamprou, G Kenanakis, E Stratakis
Applied Surface Science 541, 148470, 2021
On the formation and features of the supra-wavelength grooves generated during femtosecond laser surface structuring of silicon
E Allahyari, JJJ Nivas, E Skoulas, R Bruzzese, GD Tsibidis, E Stratakis, ...
Applied Surface Science 528, 146607, 2020
Partial ablation of Ti/Al nano-layer thin film by single femtosecond laser pulse
B Gaković, GD Tsibidis, E Skoulas, SM Petrović, B Vasić, E Stratakis
Journal of Applied Physics 122 (22), 2017
The use of lasers in dental materials: A review
EGC Tzanakakis, E Skoulas, E Pepelassi, P Koidis, IG Tzoutzas
Materials 14 (12), 3370, 2021
Highly ordered laser imprinted plasmonic metasurfaces for polarization sensitive perfect absorption
AC Tasolamprou, E Skoulas, G Perrakis, M Vlahou, Z Viskadourakis, ...
Scientific Reports 12 (1), 19769, 2022
Predictive modeling approaches in laser-based material processing
MC Velli, GD Tsibidis, A Mimidis, E Skoulas, Y Pantazis, E Stratakis
Journal of Applied Physics 128 (18), 2020
Erasable and rewritable laser-induced gratings on silver phosphate glass
I Konidakis, E Skoulas, A Papadopoulos, E Serpetzoglou, E Margariti, ...
Applied Physics A 124, 1-8, 2018
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