Margarita G Skalnaya (Маргарита Геннадьевна Скальная)
Margarita G Skalnaya (Маргарита Геннадьевна Скальная)
RUDN University (Российский университет дружбы народов)
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The role of cadmium in obesity and diabetes
AA Tinkov, T Filippini, OP Ajsuvakova, J Aaseth, YG Gluhcheva, ...
Science of The Total Environment 601, 741-755, 2017
Gut as a target for cadmium toxicity
AA Tinkov, VA Gritsenko, MG Skalnaya, SV Cherkasov, J Aaseth, ...
Environmental Pollution 235, 429-434, 2018
Cadmium and atherosclerosis: A review of toxicological mechanisms and a meta-analysis of epidemiologic studies
AA Tinkov, T Filippini, OP Ajsuvakova, MG Skalnaya, J Aaseth, ...
Environmental research 162, 240-260, 2018
Molecular interaction between mercury and selenium in neurotoxicity
G Bjørklund, J Aaseth, OP Ajsuvakova, AA Nikonorov, AV Skalny, ...
Coordination Chemistry Reviews 332, 30-37, 2017
Sulfhydryl groups as targets of mercury toxicity
OP Ajsuvakova, AA Tinkov, M Aschner, JBT Rocha, B Michalke, ...
Coordination chemistry reviews 417, 213343, 2020
Interactions of iron with manganese, zinc, chromium, and selenium as related to prophylaxis and treatment of iron deficiency
G Bjørklund, J Aaseth, AV Skalny, J Suliburska, MG Skalnaya, ...
Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology 41, 41-53, 2017
Mercury and metabolic syndrome: a review of experimental and clinical observations
AA Tinkov, OP Ajsuvakova, MG Skalnaya, EV Popova, AI Sinitskii, ...
Biometals 28, 231-254, 2015
Essential trace elements in human health: a physician's view
MG Skalnaya, AV Skalny
Publishing house of Tomsk state university, 2018
Hair trace element contents in women with obesity and type 2 diabetes
MG Skalnaya, VA Demidov
Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology 21, 59-61, 2007
Mutual interaction between iron homeostasis and obesity pathogenesis
AA Nikonorov, MG Skalnaya, AA Tinkov, AV Skalny
Journal of trace elements in medicine and biology 30, 207-214, 2015
Hair concentration of essential trace elements in adult non-exposed Russian population
AV Skalny, MG Skalnaya, AA Tinkov, EP Serebryansky, VA Demidov, ...
Environmental monitoring and assessment 187, 1-8, 2015
Toxic metal (loid)-based pollutants and their possible role in autism spectrum disorder
G Bjørklund, AV Skalny, MM Rahman, M Dadar, HA Yassa, J Aaseth, ...
Environmental research 166, 234-250, 2018
Hair toxic and essential trace elements in children with autism spectrum disorder
AV Skalny, NV Simashkova, TP Klyushnik, AR Grabeklis, G Bjørklund, ...
Metabolic brain disease 32, 195-202, 2017
Reference values of hair toxic trace elements content in occupationally non-exposed Russian population
AV Skalny, MG Skalnaya, AA Tinkov, EP Serebryansky, VA Demidov, ...
Environmental toxicology and pharmacology 40 (1), 18-21, 2015
About the limits of physiological (normal) content of Ca, Mg, P, Fe, Zn and Cu in human hair
MG Skalnaya, VA Demidov, AV Skalny
Trace elements in medicine 4 (2), 5-10, 2003
The role of the thioredoxin/thioredoxin reductase system in the metabolic syndrome: towards a possible prognostic marker?
AA Tinkov, G Bjørklund, AV Skalny, A Holmgren, MG Skalnaya, ...
Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences 75, 1567-1586, 2018
Selenium and selenoproteins in adipose tissue physiology and obesity
AA Tinkov, OP Ajsuvakova, T Filippini, JC Zhou, XG Lei, ER Gatiatulina, ...
Biomolecules 10 (4), 658, 2020
The role of glutathione redox imbalance in autism spectrum disorder: a review
G Bjørklund, AA Tinkov, B Hosnedlová, R Kizek, OP Ajsuvakova, ...
Free Radical Biology and Medicine 160, 149-162, 2020
Alteration of local adipose tissue trace element homeostasis as a possible mechanism of obesity-related insulin resistance
AA Tinkov, AI Sinitskii, EV Popova, ON Nemereshina, ER Gatiatulina, ...
Medical hypotheses 85 (3), 343-347, 2015
Hair toxic element content in adult men and women in relation to body mass index
MG Skalnaya, AA Tinkov, VA Demidov, EP Serebryansky, AA Nikonorov, ...
Biological trace element research 161, 13-19, 2014
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