Wen Liu
Wen Liu
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An overview of preparation and applications of stabilized zero-valent iron nanoparticles for soil and groundwater remediation
X Zhao, W Liu, Z Cai, B Han, T Qian, D Zhao
Water research 100, 245-266, 2016
Visible-light-driven photocatalytic degradation of diclofenac by carbon quantum dots modified porous g-C3N4: Mechanisms, degradation pathway and DFT calculation
W Liu, Y Li, F Liu, W Jiang, D Zhang, J Liang
Water research 151, 8-19, 2019
Influence of pH, ionic strength and humic acid on competitive adsorption of Pb (II), Cd (II) and Cr (III) onto titanate nanotubes
T Wang, W Liu, L Xiong, N Xu, J Ni
Chemical Engineering Journal 215, 366-374, 2013
Photocatalysis-activated SR-AOP over PDINH/MIL-88A (Fe) composites for boosted chloroquine phosphate degradation: Performance, mechanism, pathway and DFT calculations
XH Yi, H Ji, CC Wang, Y Li, YH Li, C Zhao, AO Wang, H Fu, P Wang, ...
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 293, 120229, 2021
Advanced oxidation process with peracetic acid and Fe (II) for contaminant degradation
J Kim, T Zhang, W Liu, P Du, JT Dobson, CH Huang
Environmental Science & Technology 53 (22), 13312-13322, 2019
Synergy of photocatalysis and adsorption for simultaneous removal of Cr (VI) and Cr (III) with TiO2 and titanate nanotubes
W Liu, J Ni, X Yin
Water research 53, 12-25, 2014
Adsorption of Pb2á+, Cd2á+, Cu2á+ and Cr3á+ onto titanate nanotubes: Competition and effect of inorganic ions
W Liu, T Wang, AGL Borthwick, Y Wang, X Yin, X Li, J Ni
Science of the Total Environment 456, 171-180, 2013
Application of nanotechnologies for removing pharmaceutically active compounds from water: development and future trends
Z Cai, AD Dwivedi, WN Lee, X Zhao, W Liu, M Sillanpää, D Zhao, ...
Environmental Science: Nano 5 (1), 27-47, 2018
Visible-Light-Driven Nitrogen Fixation Catalyzed by Bi5O7Br Nanostructures: Enhanced Performance by Oxygen Vacancies
P Li, Z Zhou, Q Wang, M Guo, S Chen, J Low, R Long, W Liu, P Ding, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 142 (28), 12430-12439, 2020
2D/1D graphitic carbon nitride/titanate nanotubes heterostructure for efficient photocatalysis of sulfamethazine under solar light: Catalytic “hot spots” at the rutile–anatase …
H Ji, P Du, D Zhao, S Li, F Sun, EC Duin, W Liu
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 263, 118357, 2020
Highly active WO3@ anatase-SiO2 aerogel for solar-light-driven phenanthrene degradation: Mechanism insight and toxicity assessment
Z Cai, X Hao, X Sun, P Du, W Liu, J Fu
Water research 162, 369-382, 2019
Enhanced oxidation of organic contaminants by iron (II)-activated periodate: the significance of high-valent iron–oxo species
Y Zong, Y Shao, Y Zeng, B Shao, L Xu, Z Zhao, W Liu, D Wu
Environmental Science & Technology 55 (11), 7634-7642, 2021
An overview of nanomaterials applied for removing dyes from wastewater
Z Cai, Y Sun, W Liu, F Pan, P Sun, J Fu
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 24, 15882-15904, 2017
Cobalt/peracetic acid: advanced oxidation of aromatic organic compounds by acetylperoxyl radicals
J Kim, P Du, W Liu, C Luo, H Zhao, CH Huang
Environmental Science & Technology 54 (8), 5268-5278, 2020
The synthesis strategies and photocatalytic performances of TiO2/MOFs composites: a state-of-the-art review
CC Wang, X Wang, W Liu
Chemical Engineering Journal 391, 123601, 2020
Correlation of active sites to generated reactive species and degradation routes of organics in peroxymonosulfate activation by Co-loaded carbon
N Li, R Li, X Duan, B Yan, W Liu, Z Cheng, G Chen, L Hou, S Wang
Environmental Science & Technology 55 (23), 16163-16174, 2021
Silicate-enhanced heterogeneous flow-through electro-fenton system using iron oxides under nanoconfinement
D Guo, Y Liu, H Ji, CC Wang, B Chen, C Shen, F Li, Y Wang, P Lu, W Liu
Environmental Science & Technology 55 (6), 4045-4053, 2021
Accurate identification of radicals by in-situ electron paramagnetic resonance in ultraviolet-based homogenous advanced oxidation processes
L Chen, J Duan, P Du, W Sun, B Lai, W Liu
Water Research 221, 118747, 2022
Degradation of acetaminophen by activated peroxymonosulfate using Co (OH) 2 hollow microsphere supported titanate nanotubes: Insights into sulfate radical production pathway …
L Chen, H Ji, J Qi, T Huang, CC Wang, W Liu
Chemical Engineering Journal 406, 126877, 2021
Bifunctional Bi12O17Cl2/MIL-100 (Fe) composites toward photocatalytic Cr (VI) sequestration and activation of persulfate for bisphenol A degradation
C Zhao, J Wang, X Chen, Z Wang, H Ji, L Chen, W Liu, CC Wang
Science of the Total Environment 752, 141901, 2021
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