Natalya Lemskaya
Natalya Lemskaya
Institute of molecular&cellular biology, SB RAS, Novosibirsk, Russia
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Chromosomal evolution of Arvicolinae (Cricetidae, Rodentia). II. The genome homology of two mole voles (genus Ellobius), the field vole and golden hamster revealed by …
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Inhibitors of Histone Deacetylases Are Weak Activators of the FMR1 Gene in Fragile X Syndrome Cell Lines
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Robertsonian translocation 13/14 associated with rRNA genes overexpression and intellectual disability
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Egyptian Journal of Medical Human Genetics 19 (2), 141-145, 2018
The ancestral carnivore karyotype as substantiated by comparative chromosome painting of three pinnipeds, the walrus, the Steller sea lion and the Baikal seal (Pinnipedia …
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A combined banding method that allows the reliable identification of chromosomes as well as differentiation of AT-and GC-rich heterochromatin
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A modified protocol for highly efficient EBV-mediated immortalization of human B lymphocytes from small volumes of peripheral blood serum
NA Lemskaya
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Pinniped Karyotype Evolution Substantiated by Comparative Chromosome Painting of 10 Pinniped Species (Pinnipedia, Carnivora)
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Overexpression of rRNA genes in a patient with intellectual disability and familial 13p+ chromosome
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