John Sproule
John Sproule
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Acute, intermediate intensity exercise, and speed and accuracy in working memory tasks: a meta-analytical comparison of effects
T McMorris, J Sproule, A Turner, BJ Hale
Physiology & behavior 102 (3-4), 421-428, 2011
Physical activity, diet and other behavioural interventions for improving cognition and school achievement in children and adolescents with obesity or overweight
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Effects of different teaching styles on the teacher behaviours that influence motivational climate and pupils' motivation in physical education
K Morgan, K Kingston, J Sproule
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Career development of expert coaches
CS Nash, J Sproule
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Lifestyle intervention for improving school achievement in overweight or obese children and adolescents
A Martin, DH Saunders, SD Shenkin, J Sproule
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Development of the talent development environment questionnaire for sport
RJJ Martindale, D Collins, JCK Wang, M McNeill, KS Lee, J Sproule, ...
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Developing pupils’ performance in team invasion games
S Gray, J Sproule
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Effects of motivational climate in Singaporean physical education lessons on intrinsic motivation and physical activity intention
J Sproule, CKJ Wang, K Morgan, M McNeill, T McMorris
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Sport coaches' perceived role frames and philosophies
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International Journal of Sports Science & Coaching 3 (4), 539-554, 2008
Coaches perceptions of their coach education experiences.
C NASh, J Sproule
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Beyond the catecholamines hypothesis for an acute exercise–cognition interaction: A neurochemical perspective.
T McMorris, A Turner, BJ Hale, J Sproule
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Insights into experiences: Reflections of an expert and novice coach
C Nash, J Sproule
International Journal of Sports Science & Coaching 6 (1), 149-161, 2011
Excellence in coaching: The art and skill of elite practitioners
CS Nash, J Sproule, P Horton
Research quarterly for exercise and sport 82 (2), 229-238, 2011
Can physical education and physical activity outcomes be developed simultaneously using a game-centered approach?
A Miller, E Christensen, N Eather, S Gray, J Sproule, J Keay, D Lubans
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Sixty seconds of foam rolling does not affect functional flexibility or change muscle temperature in adolescent athletes
J Murray, AM, Jones, T, Horobeanu, C, Turner, A, and Sproule
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Validity of 20-MST for predicting VO2max of adult Singaporean athletes.
J Sproule, C Kunalan, M McNeill, H Wright
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A computer-based observational assessment of the teaching behaviours that influence motivational climate in physical education
K Morgan, J Sproule, D Weigand, P Carpenter
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Carbohydrate ingestion during team games exercise: current knowledge and areas for future investigation
SM Phillips, J Sproule, AP Turner
Sports Medicine 41, 559-585, 2011
Teaching team invasion games and motivational climate
S Gray, J Sproule, K Morgan
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Impact of the talent development environment on achievement goals and life aspirations in Singapore
CK John Wang, J Sproule, M McNeill, RJJ Martindale, KS Lee
Journal of Applied Sport Psychology 23 (3), 263-276, 2011
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