Hehu Xie
Hehu Xie
Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science,Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science, Chinese
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A multi-level correction scheme for eigenvalue problems
Q Lin, H Xie
Mathematics of Computation 84 (291), 71-88, 2015
A type of multilevel method for the Steklov eigenvalue problem
H Xie
IMA Journal of Numerical Analysis 34 (2), 592-608, 2014
A multigrid method for Helmholtz transmission eigenvalue problems
X Ji, J Sun, H Xie
Journal of Scientific Computing 60 (2), 276-294, 2014
A multigrid method for eigenvalue problem
H Xie
Journal of Computational Physics 274, 550-561, 2014
Computing the lower and upper bounds of Laplace eigenvalue problem: by combining conforming and nonconforming finite element methods
FS Luo, Q Lin, HH Xie
Science China Mathematics 55 (5), 1069-1082, 2012
Lower bounds of the discretization error for piecewise polynomials
Q Lin, H Xie, J Xu
Mathematics of Computation 83 (285), 1-13, 2014
Discontinuous Galerkin methods for delay differential equations of pantograph type
H Brunner, Q Huang, H Xie
SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis 48 (5), 1944-1967, 2010
Nonconforming finite element approximations of the Steklov eigenvalue problem and its lower bound approximations
Q Li, Q Lin, H Xie
Applications of Mathematics 58 (2), 129-151, 2013
Stokes eigenvalue approximations from below with nonconforming mixed finite element methods
Q Lin, H Xie, F Luo, Y Li, Y Yang
Math. Pract. Theory 40 (19), 157-168, 2010
Discontinuous Galerkin time stepping with local projection stabilization for transient convection–diffusion-reaction problems
N Ahmed, G Matthies, L Tobiska, H Xie
Computer methods in applied mechanics and engineering 200 (21-22), 1747-1756, 2011
Asymptotic error expansion and Richardson extrapolation of eigenvalue approximations for second order elliptic problems by the mixed finite element method
Q Lin, H Xie
Applied numerical mathematics 59 (8), 1884-1893, 2009
Asymptotic expansions and extrapolations of eigenvalues for the Stokes problem by mixed finite element methods
X Yin, H Xie, S Jia, S Gao
Journal of computational and applied mathematics 215 (1), 127-141, 2008
A full multigrid method for nonlinear eigenvalue problems
SH Jia, HH Xie, MT Xie, F Xu
Science China Mathematics 59 (10), 2037-2048, 2016
Analysis of collocation solutions for a class of functional equations with vanishing delays
H Brunner, H Xie, R Zhang
IMA Journal of Numerical Analysis 31 (2), 698-718, 2011
High-order convergence of spectral deferred correction methods on general quadrature nodes
T Tang, H Xie, X Yin
Journal of Scientific Computing 56 (1), 1-13, 2013
Collocation methods for general Volterra functional integral equations with vanishing delays
H Xie, R Zhang, H Brunner
SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing 33 (6), 3303-3332, 2011
Postprocessing and higher order convergence for the mixed finite element approximations of the Stokes eigenvalue problems
H Chen, S Jia, H Xie
Applications of Mathematics 54 (3), 237-250, 2009
Approximation and eigenvalue extrapolation of Stokes eigenvalue problem by nonconforming finite element methods
S Jia, H Xie, X Yin, S Gao
Applications of Mathematics 54 (1), 1-15, 2009
A full multigrid method for eigenvalue problems
H Chen, H Xie, F Xu
Journal of Computational Physics 322, 747-759, 2016
Inverse scattering via nonlinear integral equations method for a sound-soft crack with phaseless data
P Gao, H Dong, F Ma
Applications of Mathematics 63 (2), 149-165, 2018
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