Stefano Lenci
Stefano Lenci
Department of Civil and Building Engineering, and Architecture - Polytechnic University of Marche
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The influence of natural stabilizers and natural fibres on the mechanical properties of ancient Roman adobe bricks
E Quagliarini, S Lenci
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Mathematical analysis of a bonded joint with a soft thin adhesive
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X Xu, E Pavlovskaia, M Wiercigroch, F Romeo, S Lenci
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Dynamical integrity and control of nonlinear mechanical oscillators
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Analysis of a crack at a weak interface
S Lenci
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Periodic solutions and bifurcations in an impact inverted pendulum under impulsive excitation
S Lenci, G Rega
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An innovative building envelope (kinetic façade) with Shape Memory Alloys used as actuators and sensors
M Formentini, S Lenci
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Mechanical properties of adobe walls in a Roman Republican domus at Suasa
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Optimal control of nonregular dynamics in a Duffing oscillator
S Lenci, G Rega
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