Jinlei Nie
Jinlei Nie
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The effects of time and intensity of exercise on novel and established markers of CVD in adolescent youth
DS Buchan, S Ollis, JD Young, NE Thomas, SM Cooper, TK Tong, J Nie, ...
American Journal of Human Biology, 2011
Comparison of high-intensity interval training and moderate-to-vigorous continuous training for cardiometabolic health and exercise enjoyment in obese young women: a randomized …
Z Kong, X Fan, S Sun, L Song, Q Shi, J Nie
PloS one 11 (7), e0158589, 2016
Resting and post‐exercise serum biomarkers of cardiac and skeletal muscle damage in adolescent runners
J Nie, TK Tong, K George, FH Fu, H Lin, Q Shi
Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports, 2010
The kinetics of highly sensitive cardiac troponin T release after prolonged treadmill exercise in adolescent and adult athletes
Y Tian, J Nie, C Huang, KP George
Journal of applied physiology 113 (3), 418-425, 2012
Sport-specific endurance plank test for evaluation of global core muscle function
TK Tong, S Wu, J Nie
Physical Therapy in Sport 15 (1), 58-63, 2014
Serum cardiac troponin T in adolescent runners: effects of exercise intensity and duration
F Fu, J Nie, TK Tong
Int J Sports Med 30 (3), 168-72, 2009
Temporal association of elevations in serum cardiac troponin T and myocardial oxidative stress after prolonged exercise in rats
J Nie, G Close, KP George, TK Tong, Q Shi
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Serum cardiac troponin response in adolescents playing basketball
J Nie, TK Tong, Q Shi, H Lin, J Zhao, Y Tian
International journal of sports medicine 29 (6), 449-452, 2008
Changes in serum cardiac troponins following a 21-km run in junior male runners
Y Tian, J Nie, TK Tong, J Cao, Q Gao, J Man, Q Shi, W Liu
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The effect of inspiratory muscle training on high-intensity, intermittent running performance to exhaustion
TKTTK Tong, FHFFH Fu, PKCPK Chung, RER Eston, KLK Lu, BQB Quach, ...
Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism 33 (4), 671-681, 2008
Red light and the sleep quality and endurance performance of Chinese female basketball players
J Zhao, Y Tian, J Nie, J Xu, D Liu
Journal of athletic training 47 (6), 673-678, 2012
Effect of high-intensity interval training protocol on abdominal fat reduction in overweight Chinese women: a randomized controlled trial
H Zhang, T K Tong, W Qiu, J Wang, J Nie, Y He
Kinesiology: International journal of fundamental and applied kinesiology 47 …, 2015
Specific inspiratory muscle warm-up enhances badminton footwork performance
HLH Lin, TKTTK Tong, CHC Huang, JNJ Nie, KLK Lu, BQB Quach
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Serum oxidant and antioxidant status in adolescents undergoing professional endurance sports training
TK Tong, H Lin, G Lippi, J Nie, Y Tian
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“Functional” inspiratory and core muscle training enhances running performance and economy
TK Tong, AK McConnell, H Lin, J Nie, H Zhang, J Wang
Journal of strength and conditioning research 30 (10), 2942-2951, 2016
Effect of Repeated Endurance Runs on Cardiac Biomarkers and Function in Adolescents
J Nie, KP George, TK Tong, Y Tian, Q Shi
Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise 43 (11), 2081, 2011
The occurrence of core muscle fatigue during high-intensity running exercise and its limitation to performance: the role of respiratory work
TK Tong, S Wu, J Nie, JS Baker, H Lin
Journal of sports science & medicine 13 (2), 244, 2014
The Influence of a Half-Marathon Race Upon Cardiac Troponin T Release in Adolescent Runners
J Nie, K P George, T K Tong, D Gaze, Y Tian, H Lin, Q Shi
Current medicinal chemistry 18 (23), 3452-3456, 2011
聂金雷, 张勇
天津体育学院学报, 48-52, 2000
运动延缓衰老的可能机理: 活性氧生成对线粒体膜通透性转换的作用
蒋春笋, 荣小辉, 时庆德, 聂金雷, 张勇, 陈佺
中国运动医学杂志 21 (4), 360-363, 2002
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