Philipp Wagner
Philipp Wagner
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Ontogenetic sequence comparison of extant and fossil tadpole shrimps: no support for the “living fossil” concept
P Wagner, JT Haug, J Sell, C Haug
PalZ 91 (4), 463-472, 2017
Comparative study of bisected proboscides of Pycnogonida
P Wagner, JS Dömel, M Hofmann, J Hübner, F Leese, RR Melzer
Organisms Diversity & Evolution 17 (1), 121-135, 2017
The evolutionary history of body organisation in the lineage towards modern scorpions.
C Haug, P Wagner, JT Haug
Bulletin of Geosciences 94 (4), 2019
An intermetamorphic larval stage of a mantis shrimp and its contribution to the'missing-element problem'of stomatopod raptorial appendages
JT Haug, NR Rudolf, P Wagner, PT Gundi, LL Fetzer, C Haug
Annual Research & Review in Biology 10 (3), 1-19, 2016
A new calmanostracan crustacean species from the Cretaceous Yixian Formation and a simple approach for differentiating fossil tadpole shrimps and their relatives
P Wagner, JT Haug, C Haug
Zoological letters 5 (1), 1-14, 2019
Testing species delimitation with larval morphology: scanning electron microscopy analysis of protonymphon larvae of two closely related sea spiders, Pallenopsis patagonica …
J Hübner, P Wagner, T Lehmann, RR Melzer
Invertebrate Systematics 31 (4), 363-374, 2017
A new “extreme” type of mantis shrimp larva
C Haug, P Wagner, JM Bjarsch, F Braig, JT Haug
Nauplius 26, 2018
A fossil crustacean from the Upper Triassic of southern Germany with kazacharthran affinities
P Wagner, JT Haug, J Sell, C Haug
Paleontological Research 22 (1), 57-63, 2018
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