Eugen Czeizler
Eugen Czeizler
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DNA rendering of polyhedral meshes at the nanoscale
E Benson, A Mohammed, J Gardell, S Masich, E Czeizler, P Orponen, ...
Nature 523 (7561), 441-444, 2015
A Short Survey on Watson-Crick Automata.
E Czeizler, E Czeizler
Bulletin of the EATCS 88 (3), 104-119, 2006
Controlling directed protein interaction networks in cancer
K Kanhaiya, E Czeizler, C Gratie, I Petre
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A tight linear bound on the neighborhood of inverse cellular automata
E Czeizler, J Kari
International Colloquium on Automata, Languages, and Programming, 410-420, 2005
On the descriptional complexity of Watson–Crick automata
E Czeizler, E Czeizler, L Kari, K Salomaa
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Structural target controllability of linear networks
E Czeizler, KC Wu, C Gratie, K Kanhaiya, I Petre
IEEE/ACM transactions on computational biology and bioinformatics 15 (4 …, 2018
An extension of the Lyndon Schützenberger result to pseudoperiodic words
E Czeizler, E Czeizler, L Kari, S Seki
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Synthesizing minimal tile sets for complex patterns in the framework of patterned DNA self-assembly
E Czeizler, A Popa
Theoretical Computer Science 499, 23-37, 2013
Search methods for tile sets in patterned DNA self-assembly
M Göös, T Lempiäinen, E Czeizler, P Orponen
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Quantitative Refinement of Reaction Models.
B Iancu, E Czeizler, E Czeizler, I Petre
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Unambiguous automata
MP Béal, E Czeizler, J Kari, D Perrin
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On the size of the inverse neighborhoods for one-dimensional reversible cellular automata
E Czeizler
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Parallel communicating Watson-Crick automata systems
E Czeizler, E Czeizler
Acta Cybernetica 17 (4), 685-700, 2006
On the power of parallel communicating Watson–Crick automata systems
E Czeizler, E Czeizler
Theoretical Computer Science 358 (1), 142-147, 2006
Quantitative analysis of the self-assembly strategies of intermediate filaments from tetrameric vimentin
E Czeizler, A Mizera, E Czeizler, RJ Back, JE Eriksson, I Petre
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Reaction systems models for the self-assembly of intermediate filaments
S Azimi, C Panchal, E Czeizler, I Petre
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Self-assembly models of variable resolution
A Mizera, E Czeizler, I Petre
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A tight linear bound on the synchronization delay of bijective automata
E Czeizler, J Kari
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The phosphorylation of the heat shock factor as a modulator for the heat shock response
E Czeizler, V Rogojin, I Petre
Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Computational Methods in …, 2011
Automata, languages and programming
LMC Palamidessi, M Yung
Elsevier, 2007
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