Ellsworth Campbell
Ellsworth Campbell
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HIV Infection Linked to Injection Use of Oxymorphone in Indiana, 2014-2015
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Digital epidemiology
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Detailed transmission network analysis of a large opiate-driven outbreak of HIV infection in the United States
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Complex social contagion makes networks more vulnerable to disease outbreaks
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Participation in fraternity and sorority activities and the spread of COVID-19 among residential university communities—Arkansas, August 21–September 5, 2020
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Multidisciplinary community-based investigation of a COVID-19 outbreak among Marshallese and Hispanic/Latino communities—Benton and Washington Counties, Arkansas, March–June 2020
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Natural selection favoring more transmissible HIV detected in United States molecular transmission network
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MicrobeTrace: retooling molecular epidemiology for rapid public health response
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Phylodynamic analysis complements partner services by identifying acute and unreported HIV transmission
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A population model evaluating the consequences of the evolution of double-resistance and tradeoffs on the benefits of two-drug antibiotic treatments
EM Campbell, L Chao
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Increasing capacity to detect clusters of rapid HIV transmission in varied populations—United States
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Rapidly growing HIV transmission clusters in the United States, 2013–2016
AM France, N Panneer, MCB Ocfemia, N Saduvala, E Campbell, ...
2018 Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections, 2018
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