Hyun Jae Baek
Hyun Jae Baek
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Reliability of ultra-short-term analysis as a surrogate of standard 5-min analysis of heart rate variability
HJ Baek, CH Cho, J Cho, JM Woo
Telemedicine and e-Health 21 (5), 404-414, 2015
A smart health monitoring chair for nonintrusive measurement of biological signals
HJ Baek, GS Chung, KK Kim, KS Park
IEEE transactions on Information Technology in Biomedicine 16 (1), 150-158, 2011
Improved elimination of motion artifacts from a photoplethysmographic signal using a Kalman smoother with simultaneous accelerometry
B Lee, J Han, HJ Baek, JH Shin, KS Park, WJ Yi
Physiological measurement 31 (12), 1585, 2010
Monitoring physiological signals using nonintrusive sensors installed in daily life equipment
YG Lim, KH Hong, KK Kim, JH Shin, SM Lee, GS Chung, HJ Baek, ...
Biomedical engineering letters 1, 11-20, 2011
Nonintrusive biological signal monitoring in a car to evaluate a driver’s stress and health state
HJ Baek, HB Lee, JS Kim, JM Choi, KK Kim, KS Park
Telemedicine and e-Health 15 (2), 182-189, 2009
An amplitude-modulated visual stimulation for reducing eye fatigue in SSVEP-based brain–computer interfaces
MH Chang, HJ Baek, SM Lee, KS Park
Clinical Neurophysiology 125 (7), 1380-1391, 2014
Second derivative of photoplethysmography for estimating vascular aging
HJ Baek, JS Kim, YS Kim, HB Lee, KS Park
2007 6th International Special Topic Conference on Information Technology …, 2007
Helmet-based physiological signal monitoring system
YS Kim, HJ Baek, JS Kim, HB Lee, JM Choi, KS Park
European Journal of Applied Physiology 105, 365-372, 2009
Enhancing the estimation of blood pressure using pulse arrival time and two confounding factors
HJ Baek, KK Kim, JS Kim, B Lee, KS Park
Physiological measurement 31 (2), 145, 2009
The relationship between HRV parameters and stressful driving situation in the real road
HB Lee, JS Kim, YS Kim, HJ Baek, MS Ryu, KS Park
2007 6th International Special Topic Conference on Information Technology …, 2007
Real-time automatic apneic event detection using nocturnal pulse oximetry
SH Hwang, JG Cho, BH Choi, HJ Baek, YJ Lee, DU Jeong, KS Park
IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering 65 (3), 706-712, 2017
Nonintrusive biosignal measurement system in a vehicle
HB Lee, JM Choi, JS Kim, YS Kim, HJ Baek, MS Ryu, RH Sohn, KS Park
2007 29th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in …, 2007
Conductive polymer foam surface improves the performance of a capacitive EEG electrode
HJ Baek, HJ Lee, YG Lim, KS Park
IEEE transactions on biomedical engineering 59 (12), 3422-3431, 2012
Effect of confounding factors on blood pressure estimation using pulse arrival time
JS Kim, KK Kim, HJ Baek, KS Park
Physiological measurement 29 (5), 615, 2008
Photoplethysmogram measurement without direct skin-to-sensor contact using an adaptive light source intensity control
HJ Baek, GS Chung, KK Kim, JS Kim, KS Park
IEEE Transactions on Information Technology in Biomedicine 13 (6), 1085-1088, 2009
Effect of missing RR-interval data on nonlinear heart rate variability analysis
KK Kim, HJ Baek, YG Lim, KS Park
Computer methods and programs in biomedicine 106 (3), 210-218, 2012
Effect of missing inter-beat interval data on heart rate variability analysis using wrist-worn wearables
HJ Baek, JW Shin
Journal of Medical Systems 41, 1-9, 2017
Enhancing the usability of brain-computer interface systems
HJ Baek, MH Chang, J Heo, KS Park
Computational intelligence and neuroscience 2019, 2019
Music and natural sounds in an auditory steady-state response based brain–computer interface to increase user acceptance
J Heo, HJ Baek, S Hong, MH Chang, JS Lee, KS Park
Computers in Biology and Medicine 84, 45-52, 2017
Non-contact photoplethysmographic pulse measurement device and oxygen saturation and blood pressure measurement devices using the same
KS Park, HJ Baek
US Patent 9,031,629, 2015
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