Alsu I. Zamaleeva
Alsu I. Zamaleeva
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Cyborg cells: functionalisation of living cells with polymers and nanomaterials
RF Fakhrullin, AI Zamaleeva, RT Minullina, SA Konnova, VN Paunov
Chemical Society Reviews 41 (11), 4189-4206, 2012
Layer-by-layer coating of bacteria with noble metal nanoparticles for surface-enhanced Raman scattering
M Kahraman, AI Zamaleeva, RF Fakhrullin, M Culha
Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry 395 (8), 2559-2567, 2009
Living fungi cells encapsulated in polyelectrolyte shells doped with metal nanoparticles
RF Fakhrullin, AI Zamaleeva, MV Morozov, DI Tazetdinova, FK Alimova, ...
Langmuir 25 (8), 4628-4634, 2009
New red-fluorescent calcium indicators for optogenetics, photoactivation and multi-color imaging
M Oheim, M van't Hoff, A Feltz, A Zamaleeva, JM Mallet, M Collot
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Molecular Cell Research 1843 (10), 2284-2306, 2014
A whole-cell amperometric herbicide biosensor based on magnetically functionalised microalgae and screen-printed electrodes
AI Zamaleeva, IR Sharipova, RV Shamagsumova, AN Ivanov, GA Evtugyn, ...
Analytical Methods 3 (3), 509-513, 2011
Calcium Rubies: A Family of Red-Emitting Functionalizable Indicators Suitable for Two-Photon Ca2+ Imaging
M Collot, C Loukou, AV Yakovlev, CD Wilms, D Li, A Evrard, A Zamaleeva, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 134 (36), 14923-14931, 2012
Polyelectrolyte-mediated assembly of multiwalled carbon nanotubes on living yeast cells
AI Zamaleeva, IR Sharipova, AV Porfireva, GA Evtugyn, RF Fakhrullin
Langmuir 26 (4), 2671-2679, 2010
Interfacing living unicellular algae cells with biocompatible polyelectrolyte‐stabilised magnetic nanoparticles
RF Fakhrullin, LV Shlykova, AI Zamaleeva, DK Nurgaliev, YN Osin, ...
Macromolecular bioscience 10 (10), 1257-1264, 2010
A direct technique for magnetic functionalization of living human cells
MR Dzamukova, AI Zamaleeva, DG Ishmuchametova, YN Osin, ...
Langmuir 27 (23), 14386-14393, 2011
Cell-Penetrating Nanobiosensors for Pointillistic Intracellular Ca2+-Transient Detection
AI Zamaleeva, M Collot, E Bahembera, C Tisseyre, P Rostaing, ...
Nano letters 14 (6), 2994-3001, 2014
H-Rubies, a new family of red emitting fluorescent pH sensors for living cells
G Despras, AI Zamaleeva, L Dardevet, C Tisseyre, JG Magalhaes, ...
Chemical science 6 (10), 5928-5937, 2015
Electrochemical DNA sensors based on nanostructured organic dyes/DNA/polyelectrolyte complexes
GA Evtugyn, VB Stepanova, AV Porfireva, AI Zamaleeva, RR Fakhrullin
Journal of nanoscience and nanotechnology 14 (9), 6738-6747, 2014
Quartz crystal microbalance immunosensor for the detection of antibodies to double-stranded DNA
RF Fakhrullin, VG Vinter, AI Zamaleeva, MV Matveeva, RA Kourbanov, ...
Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry 388 (2), 367-375, 2007
Functional artificial free-standing yeast biofilms
SA Konnova, M Kahraman, AI Zamaleeva, M Culha, VN Paunov, ...
Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces 88 (2), 656-663, 2011
FRET-based nanobiosensors for imaging intracellular Ca2+ and H+ microdomains
AI Zamaleeva, G Despras, C Luccardini, M Collot, M De Waard, M Oheim, ...
Sensors 15 (9), 24662-24680, 2015
Pharmacological antagonism of histamine H2R ameliorated L-DOPA–induced dyskinesia via normalization of GRK3 and by suppressing FosB and ERK in PD
MR Ahmed, M Jayakumar, MS Ahmed, AI Zamaleeva, J Tao, EH Li, ...
Neurobiology of aging 81, 177-189, 2019
Unexpected remote effect in red fluorescent sensors based on extended APTRA
M Collot, A Lasoroski, AI Zamaleeva, A Feltz, R Vuilleumier, JM Mallet
Tetrahedron 69 (48), 10482-10487, 2013
Thrombolytic and fibrinolytic activity of bacterial proteases.
JV Danilova, AM Cheremin, AI Zamaleeva, AM Mardanova, ...
Cellular Transplantation & Tissue Engineering 7 (3), 2012
Characterization of brain dysfunction induced by bacterial lipopeptides that alter neuronal activity and network in rodent brains
Journal of Neuroscience 38 (50), 10672-10691, 2018
Direct deposition of nanomaterials onto cells
AI Zamaleeva, RT Minullina, JR Tully, MR Dzamukova, SA Konnova, ...
Cell Surface Engineering, 28-47, 2014
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