Alexander N. Gorban (АН Горбань)
Alexander N. Gorban (АН Горбань)
Professor of Applied Mathematics, University of Leicester, UK
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Neural networks on personal computer
AN Gorban, DA Rossiev
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Training neural networks
AN Gorban
Moscow: USSR-USA JV" Paragraph", Russian. English translation: AMSE Trans …, 1990
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Limits of the turbine efficiency for free fluid flow
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Invariant manifolds for physical and chemical kinetics (Lecture Notes in Physics, 660)
AN Gorban, IV Karlin
Lecture Notes in Physics, 2005
Method of invariant manifold for chemical kinetics
AN Gorban, IV Karlin
Chemical Engineering Science 58 (21), 4751-4768, 2003
Явные методы для жестких систем
ЕА Новиков, АН Горбань (редактор)
" Наука", 1997
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Equilibrium encircling. Equations of chemical kinetics and their thermodynamic analysis
AN Gorban
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Generalized approximation theorem and computational capabilities of neural networks
AN Gorban
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Constructive methods of invariant manifolds for kinetic problems
AN Gorban, IV Karlin, AY Zinovyev
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Maximum entropy principle for lattice kinetic equations
IV Karlin, AN Gorban, S Succi, V Boffi
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Principal manifolds and graphs in practice: from molecular biology to dynamical systems
AN Gorban, A Zinovyev
International Journal of Neural Systems 20 (3), 219–232, 2010
A random six-phase switch regulates pneumococcal virulence via global epigenetic changes
AS Manso, MH Chai, JM Atack, L Furi, MDS Croix, R Haigh, C Trappetti, ...
Nature communications 5, Article number: 5055, 2014
Kinetic signatures of microRNA modes of action
N Morozova, A Zinovyev, N Nonne, LL Pritchard, AN Gorban, ...
RNA 18 (9), 1635-1655, 2012
Kineticheskie modeli kataliticheskikh reaktsii (Kinetic Models of Catalytic Reactions)
GS Yablonskii, VI Bykov, AN Gorban
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Robust simplifications of multiscale biochemical networks
O Radulescu, AN Gorban, A Zinovyev, A Lilienbaum
BMC systems biology 2 (1), 86, 2008
Demon of Darwin: Idea of optimality and natural selection
AN Gorban, RG Khlebopros
Nauka (FizMatGiz), Moscow, 1988
Invariant grids for reaction kinetics
AN Gorban, IV Karlin, AY Zinovyev
Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications 333, 106-154, 2004
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