Pierpaolo Pellicori
Pierpaolo Pellicori
Senior Research Fellow, University of Glasgow
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The obesity paradox in type 2 diabetes mellitus: relationship of body mass index to prognosis: a cohort study
P Costanzo, JGF Cleland, P Pellicori, AL Clark, D Hepburn, ES Kilpatrick, ...
Annals of internal medicine 162 (9), 610-618, 2015
IVC diameter in patients with chronic heart failure: relationships and prognostic significance
P Pellicori, V Carubelli, J Zhang, T Castiello, N Sherwi, AL Clark, ...
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Sarcopenia in patients with heart failure with preserved ejection fraction: impact on muscle strength, exercise capacity and quality of life
T Bekfani, P Pellicori, DA Morris, N Ebner, M Valentova, L Steinbeck, ...
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Prevalence and prognostic significance of malnutrition using 3 scoring systems among outpatients with heart failure: a comparison with body mass index
S Sze, P Pellicori, S Kazmi, A Rigby, JGF Cleland, K Wong, AL Clark
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Prevalence and outcomes of anemia and hematinic deficiencies in patients with chronic heart failure
JGF Cleland, J Zhang, P Pellicori, B Dicken, R Dierckx, A Shoaib, K Wong, ...
JAMA cardiology 1 (5), 539-547, 2016
Left atrial function measured by cardiac magnetic resonance imaging in patients with heart failure: clinical associations and prognostic value
P Pellicori, J Zhang, E Lukaschuk, AC Joseph, CV Bourantas, H Loh, ...
European heart journal 36 (12), 733-742, 2015
Cardiac dysfunction in cirrhosis is not associated with the severity of liver disease
M Merli, A Calicchia, A Ruffa, P Pellicori, O Riggio, M Giusto, C Gaudio, ...
European journal of internal medicine 24 (2), 172-176, 2013
Prognostic value of simple frailty and malnutrition screening tools in patients with acute heart failure due to left ventricular systolic dysfunction
S Sze, J Zhang, P Pellicori, D Morgan, A Hoye, AL Clark
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JGF Cleland, V Carubelli, T Castiello, A Yassin, P Pellicori, R Antony
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Prevalence, pattern and clinical relevance of ultrasound indices of congestion in outpatients with heart failure
P Pellicori, P Shah, J Cuthbert, A Urbinati, J Zhang, ...
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S Sze, P Pellicori, J Zhang, J Weston, AL Clark
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Prognostic value of psychosocial factors for first and recurrent hospitalizations and mortality in heart failure patients: insights from the OPERA‐HF study
I Sokoreli, SC Pauws, EW Steyerberg, GJ de Vries, JM Riistama, ...
European journal of heart failure 20 (4), 689-696, 2018
COVID‐19 and its cardiovascular effects: a systematic review of prevalence studies
P Pellicori, G Doolub, CM Wong, KS Lee, K Mangion, M Ahmad, C Berry, ...
Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, 2021
What proportion of patients with chronic heart failure are eligible for sacubitril–valsartan?
P Pellicori, A Urbinati, P Shah, A MacNamara, S Kazmi, R Dierckx, ...
European journal of heart failure 19 (6), 768-778, 2017
Cardiac dysfunction, congestion and loop diuretics: their relationship to prognosis in heart failure
P Pellicori, JGF Cleland, J Zhang, A Kallvikbacka-Bennett, A Urbinati, ...
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Fluid management in patients with chronic heart failure
P Pellicori, K Kaur, AL Clark
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Caring for people with heart failure and many other medical problems through and beyond the COVID‐19 pandemic: the advantages of universal access to home telemonitoring
JGF Cleland, RA Clark, P Pellicori, SC Inglis
European journal of heart failure, 2020
Global longitudinal strain in patients with suspected heart failure and a normal ejection fraction: does it improve diagnosis and risk stratification?
P Pellicori, A Kallvikbacka-Bennett, O Khaleva, V Carubelli, P Costanzo, ...
The international journal of cardiovascular imaging 30 (1), 69-79, 2014
Clinical trials update from the american heart association meeting 2010: Emphasis-hf, raft, tim-hf, tele-hf, ascend-hf, rocket-af, and protect
JGF Cleland, AP Coletta, L Buga, R Antony, P Pellicori, N Freemantle, ...
European journal of heart failure 13 (4), 460-465, 2011
Clinical trials in patients with heart failure and preserved left ventricular ejection fraction
JGF Cleland, P Pellicori, R Dierckx
Heart Failure Clinics 10 (3), 511-523, 2014
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