E. Katz
E. Katz
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" Plugging into enzymes": Nanowiring of redox enzymes by a gold nanoparticle
Y Xiao, F Patolsky, E Katz, JF Hainfeld, I Willner
Science 299 (5614), 1877-1881, 2003
Implanted biofuel cell operating in a living snail
L Halámková, J Halámek, V Bocharova, A Szczupak, L Alfonta, E Katz
Journal of the American Chemical Society 134 (11), 5040-5043, 2012
Enzyme-based logic systems for information processing
E Katz, V Privman
Chemical Society Reviews 39 (5), 1835-1857, 2010
From “cyborg” lobsters to a pacemaker powered by implantable biofuel cells
K MacVittie, J Halámek, L Halámková, M Southcott, WD Jemison, R Lobel, ...
Energy & Environmental Science 6 (1), 81-86, 2013
Living battery–biofuel cells operating in vivo in clams
A Szczupak, J Halámek, L Halámková, V Bocharova, L Alfonta, E Katz
Energy & Environmental Science 5 (10), 8891-8895, 2012
Biocomputing security system: concatenated enzyme-based logic gates operating as a biomolecular keypad lock
G Strack, M Ornatska, M Pita, E Katz
Journal of the American Chemical Society 130 (13), 4234-4235, 2008
Implanted biofuel cells operating in vivo–methods, applications and perspectives–feature article
E Katz, K MacVittie
Energy & Environmental Science 6 (10), 2791-2803, 2013
The pharmacological chaperone 1‐deoxygalactonojirimycin increases α‐galactosidase A levels in Fabry patient cell lines
ER Benjamin, JJ Flanagan, A Schilling, HH Chang, L Agarwal, E Katz, ...
Journal of Inherited Metabolic Disease: Official Journal of the Society for …, 2009
Polymer brush-modified electrode with switchable and tunable redox activity for bioelectronic applications
TK Tam, M Ornatska, M Pita, S Minko, E Katz
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 112 (22), 8438-8445, 2008
Electrobiochemical analytical method and electrodes
I Willner, E Katz, A Riklin, R Kasher, B Shoham
US Patent 5,443,701, 1995
Chemical Gating with Nanostructured Responsive Polymer Brushes: Mixed Brush versus Homopolymer Brush
M Motornov, R Sheparovych, E Katz, S Minko
Acs Nano 2 (1), 41-52, 2008
Stimuli-responsive hydrogel membranes coupled with biocatalytic processes
I Tokarev, V Gopishetty, J Zhou, M Pita, M Motornov, E Katz, S Minko
ACS applied materials & interfaces 1 (3), 532-536, 2009
Self-powered biosensor
I Willner, E Katz
US Patent 7,485,212, 2009
Self-powered biosensor
I Willner, E Katz
US Patent 7,485,212, 2009
Biofuel cell controlled by enzyme logic systems
L Amir, TK Tam, M Pita, MM Meijler, L Alfonta, E Katz
Journal of the American Chemical Society 131 (2), 826-832, 2009
Switchable electrode controlled by enzyme logic network system: approaching physiologically regulated bioelectronics
M Privman, TK Tam, M Pita, E Katz
Journal of the American Chemical Society 131 (3), 1314-1321, 2009
Digital biosensors with built-in logic for biomedical applications—biosensors based on a biocomputing concept
J Wang, E Katz
Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry 398, 1591-1603, 2010
A pacemaker powered by an implantable biofuel cell operating under conditions mimicking the human blood circulatory system–battery not included
M Southcott, K MacVittie, J Halámek, L Halámková, WD Jemison, R Lobel, ...
Physical chemistry chemical physics 15 (17), 6278-6283, 2013
A self‐powered “sense‐act‐treat” system that is based on a biofuel cell and controlled by boolean logic
M Zhou, N Zhou, F Kuralay, JR Windmiller, S Parkhomovsky, ...
Angewandte Chemie 124 (11), 2740-2743, 2012
Biofuel cell operating in vivo in rat
JA Castorena‐Gonzalez, C Foote, K MacVittie, J Halámek, L Halámková, ...
Electroanalysis 25 (7), 1579-1584, 2013
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