Jiajie Liang
Jiajie Liang
Senior Research Engineer at Polyradiant Corp./Associate Develop Engineer at UCLA
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Molecular‐level dispersion of graphene into poly (vinyl alcohol) and effective reinforcement of their nanocomposites
J Liang, Y Huang, L Zhang, Y Wang, Y Ma, T Guo, Y Chen
Advanced Functional Materials 19 (14), 2297-2302, 2009
An overview of the applications of graphene‐based materials in supercapacitors
Y Huang, J Liang, Y Chen
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Electromagnetic interference shielding of graphene/epoxy composites
J Liang, Y Wang, Y Huang, Y Ma, Z Liu, J Cai, C Zhang, H Gao, Y Chen
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Elastomeric polymer light-emitting devices and displays
J Liang, L Li, X Niu, Z Yu, Q Pei
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Room-temperature ferromagnetism of graphene
Y Wang, Y Huang, Y Song, X Zhang, Y Ma, J Liang, Y Chen
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Silver nanowire percolation network soldered with graphene oxide at room temperature and its application for fully stretchable polymer light-emitting diodes
J Liang, L Li, K Tong, Z Ren, W Hu, X Niu, Y Chen, Q Pei
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Graphene-based conducting inks for direct inkjet printing of flexible conductive patterns and their applications in electric circuits and chemical sensors
L Huang, Y Huang, J Liang, X Wan, Y Chen
Nano Research 4, 675-684, 2011
Infrared-triggered actuators from graphene-based nanocomposites
J Liang, Y Xu, Y Huang, L Zhang, Y Wang, Y Ma, F Li, T Guo, Y Chen
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 113 (22), 9921-9927, 2009
A water-based silver-nanowire screen-print ink for the fabrication of stretchable conductors and wearable thin-film transistors
J Liang, K Tong, Q Pei
Advanced Materials 28 (28), 2016
Size-controlled synthesis of graphene oxide sheets on a large scale using chemical exfoliation
L Zhang, J Liang, Y Huang, Y Ma, Y Wang, Y Chen
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Flexible and transparent electrothermal film heaters based on graphene materials
D Sui, Y Huang, L Huang, J Liang, Y Ma, Y Chen
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A hybrid material of graphene and poly (3, 4-ethyldioxythiophene) with high conductivity, flexibility, and transparency
Y Xu, Y Wang, J Liang, Y Huang, Y Ma, X Wan, Y Chen
Nano Research 2, 343-348, 2009
Bioinspired ultrasensitive and stretchable MXene-based strain sensor via nacre-mimetic microscale “brick-and-mortar” architecture
X Shi, H Wang, X Xie, Q Xue, J Zhang, S Kang, C Wang, J Liang, Y Chen
ACS nano 13 (1), 649-659, 2018
Intrinsically stretchable and transparent thin-film transistors based on printable silver nanowires, carbon nanotubes and an elastomeric dielectric
J Liang, L Li, D Chen, T Hajagos, Z Ren, SY Chou, W Hu, Q Pei
Nature communications 6 (1), 7647, 2015
Polymer/molecular semiconductor all-organic composites for high-temperature dielectric energy storage
C Yuan, Y Zhou, Y Zhu, J Liang, S Wang, S Peng, Y Li, S Cheng, M Yang, ...
Nature communications 11 (1), 3919, 2020
Flexible organic photovoltaics based on water-processed silver nanowire electrodes
Y Sun, M Chang, L Meng, X Wan, H Gao, Y Zhang, K Zhao, Z Sun, C Li, ...
Nature Electronics 2 (11), 513-520, 2019
Plasmonic Ti3C2Tx MXene Enables Highly Efficient Photothermal Conversion for Healable and Transparent Wearable Device
X Fan, Y Ding, Y Liu, J Liang, Y Chen
ACS nano 13 (7), 8124-8134, 2019
Ultra‐broadband wide‐angle terahertz absorption properties of 3D graphene foam
Z Huang, H Chen, Y Huang, Z Ge, Y Zhou, Y Yang, P Xiao, J Liang, ...
Advanced functional materials 28 (2), 1704363, 2018
Hydrous RuO2‐Decorated MXene Coordinating with Silver Nanowire Inks Enabling Fully Printed Micro‐Supercapacitors with Extraordinary Volumetric Performance
H Li, X Li, J Liang, Y Chen
Advanced Energy Materials 9 (15), 1803987, 2019
3D‐printed stretchable micro‐supercapacitor with remarkable areal performance
X Li, H Li, X Fan, X Shi, J Liang
Advanced Energy Materials 10 (14), 1903794, 2020
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