Debajyoti Mondal
Debajyoti Mondal
Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science, University of Saskatchewan
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Exploring test suite diversification and code coverage in multi-objective test case selection
D Mondal, H Hemmati, S Durocher
2015 IEEE 8th International Conference on Software Testing, Verification and …, 2015
Minimum-area drawings of plane 3-trees
DMRIN Md, S Rahman, MJ Alam
On graphs that are not PCGs
S Durocher, D Mondal, MS Rahman
Theoretical Computer Science 571, 78-87, 2015
Table cartogram
W Evans, S Felsner, M Kaufmann, SG Kobourov, D Mondal, RI Nishat, ...
European Symposium on Algorithms, 421-432, 2013
Point-set embeddings of plane 3-trees
RI Nishat, D Mondal, MS Rahman
Computational Geometry 45 (3), 88-98, 2012
Drawing plane triangulations with few segments
S Durocher, D Mondal
Computational Geometry 77, 27-39, 2019
Planar and plane slope number of partial 2-trees
W Lenhart, G Liotta, D Mondal, RI Nishat
International Symposium on Graph Drawing, 412-423, 2013
Robust solvers for square jigsaw puzzles
D Mondal, Y Wang, S Durocher
2013 International Conference on Computer and Robot Vision, 249-256, 2013
On the planar split thickness of graphs
D Eppstein, P Kindermann, S Kobourov, G Liotta, A Lubiw, A Maignan, ...
Algorithmica 80 (3), 977-994, 2018
A Note on Minimum-Segment Drawings of Planar Graphs.
S Durocher, D Mondal, RI Nishat, S Whitesides
J. Graph Algorithms Appl. 17 (3), 301-328, 2013
Touching triangle representations for 3-connected planar graphs
SG Kobourov, D Mondal, RI Nishat
International Symposium on Graph Drawing, 199-210, 2012
Minimum-segment convex drawings of 3-connected cubic plane graphs
D Mondal, RI Nishat, S Biswas, MS Rahman
Journal of Combinatorial Optimization 25 (3), 460-480, 2013
The complexity of drawing a graph in a polygonal region
A Lubiw, T Miltzow, D Mondal
International Symposium on Graph Drawing and Network Visualization, 387-401, 2018
A necessary condition and a sufficient condition for pairwise compatibility graphs
MI Hossain, SA Salma, MS Rahman
International Workshop on Algorithms and Computation, 107-113, 2016
On the hardness of point-set embeddability
S Durocher, D Mondal
International Workshop on Algorithms and Computation, 148-159, 2012
Minimum-layer drawings of trees
D Mondal, MJ Alam, MS Rahman
International Workshop on Algorithms and Computation, 221-232, 2011
On k-enclosing objects in a coloured point set
L Barba, S Durocher, R Fraser, FA Hurtado Díaz, S Mehrabi, D Mondal, ...
Proceedings of the 25th Canadian Conference on Computational Geometry, 229-234, 2014
Orthogonal layout with optimal face complexity
MJ Alam, SG Kobourov, D Mondal
Computational Geometry 63, 40-52, 2017
A new approach to graphmaps, a system browsing large graphs as interactive maps
D Mondal, L Nachmanson
arXiv preprint arXiv:1705.05479, 2017
Acyclic colorings of graph subdivisions revisited
D Mondal, RI Nishat, S Whitesides, MS Rahman
Journal of Discrete Algorithms 16, 90-103, 2012
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