Sachin Shanbhag
Sachin Shanbhag
Professor, Scientific Computing, Florida State University
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Primitive path networks generated by annealing and geometrical methods: Insights into differences
S Shanbhag, M Kröger
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A hierarchical algorithm for predicting the linear viscoelastic properties of polymer melts with long-chain branching
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Inverted colloidal crystals as three-dimensional microenvironments for cellular co-cultures
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Chain retraction potential in a fixed entanglement network
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What is the size of a ring polymer in a ring− linear blend?
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Identification of topological constraints in entangled polymer melts using the bond-fluctuation model
S Shanbhag, RG Larson
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Deviations from dynamic dilution in the terminal relaxation of star polymers
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A Temperature‐Driven Reversible Phase Transfer of 2‐(Diethylamino) ethanethiol‐Stabilized CdTe Nanoparticles
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Mesh sensitivity in peridynamic simulations
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Diffusion in three-dimensionally ordered scaffolds with inverted colloidal crystal geometry
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Self-diffusion in binary blends of cyclic and linear polymers
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Wiley Subscription Services, Inc., A Wiley Company, 2007
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Cell Distribution Profiles in Three‐Dimensional Scaffolds with Inverted‐Colloidal‐Crystal Geometry: Modeling and Experimental Investigations
S Shanbhag, S Wang, NA Kotov
Small 1 (12), 1208-1214, 2005
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