Li Liu (刘礼)
Li Liu (刘礼)
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From action to activity: Sensor-based activity recognition
Y Liu, L Nie, L Liu, DS Rosenblum
Neurocomputing 181, 108-115, 2016
Towards unsupervised physical activity recognition using smartphone accelerometers
Y Lu, Y Wei, L Liu, J Zhong, L Sun, Y Liu
Multimedia Tools and Applications 76, 10701-10719, 2017
Recognizing Complex Activities by a Probabilistic Interval-Based Model.
L Liu, L Cheng, Y Liu, Y Jia, DS Rosenblum
AAAI 30, 1266-1272, 2016
Cropping and attention based approach for masked face recognition
Y Li, K Guo, Y Lu, L Liu
Applied Intelligence 51, 3012-3025, 2021
Prediction of Breast Cancer, Comparative Review of Machine Learning Techniques, and Their Analysis
N Fatima, L Liu, S Hong, H Ahmed
IEEE Access 8, 150360-150376, 2020
Sensor-based human activity recognition system with a multilayered model using time series shapelets
L Liu, Y Peng, M Liu, Z Huang
Knowledge-Based Systems 90, 138-152, 2015
A real-time EEG-based BCI system for attention recognition in ubiquitous environment
Y Li, X Li, M Ratcliffe, L Liu, Y Qi, Q Liu
Proceedings of 2011 international workshop on Ubiquitous affective awareness …, 2011
Complex activity recognition using time series pattern dictionary learned from ubiquitous sensors
L Liu, Y Peng, S Wang, M Liu, Z Huang
Information Sciences 340, 41-57, 2016
Group awareness increases student engagement in online collaborative writing
M Liu, L Liu, L Liu
The Internet and Higher Education 38, 1-8, 2018
Human activity recognition in a smart home environment with stacked denoising autoencoders
A Wang, G Chen, C Shang, M Zhang, L Liu
Web-Age Information Management: WAIM 2016 International Workshops, MWDA …, 2016
Wavelet packet analysis for speaker-independent emotion recognition
K Wang, G Su, L Liu, S Wang
Neurocomputing 398, 257-264, 2020
A rolling grey model optimized by particle swarm optimization in economic prediction
L Liu, Q Wang, J Wang, M Liu
Computational Intelligence 32 (3), 391-419, 2016
Learning structures of interval-based Bayesian networks in probabilistic generative model for human complex activity recognition
L Liu, S Wang, B Hu, Q Qiong, J Wen, DS Rosenblum
Pattern Recognition 81, 545-561, 2018
Automated essay feedback generation and its impact on revision
M Liu, Y Li, W Xu, L Liu
IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies 10 (4), 502-513, 2016
Predicting Beijing's tertiary industry with an improved grey model
Q Wang, L Liu, S Wang, JZ Wang, M Liu
Applied Soft Computing 57, 482-494, 2017
Automatic chinese factual question generation
M Liu, V Rus, L Liu
IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies 10 (2), 194-204, 2016
Towards complex activity recognition using a Bayesian network-based probabilistic generative framework
L Liu, S Wang, G Su, ZG Huang, M Liu
Pattern Recognition 68, 295-309, 2017
Improve Affective Learning with EEG Approach
X Li, Q Zhao, L Liu, H Peng, Y Qi, C Mao, Z Fang, Q Liu, B Hu
Computing and Informatics 29 (4), 557-570, 2010
Energy conservation algorithms for maintaining coverage and connectivity in wireless sensor networks
L Liu, B Hu, L Li
IET communications 4 (7), 786-800, 2010
Deep learning for image colorization: Current and future prospects
S Huang, X Jin, Q Jiang, L Liu
Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence 114, 105006, 2022
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