Craig Thompson
Craig Thompson
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Understanding the Warburg effect: the metabolic requirements of cell proliferation
MG Vander Heiden, LC Cantley, CB Thompson
science 324 (5930), 1029-1033, 2009
Guidelines for the use and interpretation of assays for monitoring autophagy (4th edition)1
DJ Klionsky, AK Abdel-Aziz, S Abdelfatah, M Abdellatif, A Abdoli, S Abel, ...
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Apoptosis in the pathogenesis and treatment of disease
CB Thompson
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The emerging hallmarks of cancer metabolism
NN Pavlova, CB Thompson
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Proapoptotic BAX and BAK: a requisite gateway to mitochondrial dysfunction and death
MC Wei, WX Zong, EHY Cheng, T Lindsten, V Panoutsakopoulou, ...
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The biology of cancer: metabolic reprogramming fuels cell growth and proliferation
RJ DeBerardinis, JJ Lum, G Hatzivassiliou, CB Thompson
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Cancer-associated IDH1 mutations produce 2-hydroxyglutarate
L Dang, DW White, S Gross, BD Bennett, MA Bittinger, EM Driggers, ...
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bcl-x, a bcl-2-related gene that functions as a dominant regulator of apoptotic cell death
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An inhibitor of Bcl-2 family proteins induces regression of solid tumours
T Oltersdorf, SW Elmore, AR Shoemaker, RC Armstrong, DJ Augeri, ...
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Lymphoproliferative disorders with early lethality in mice deficient in Ctla-4
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Metabolic reprogramming: a cancer hallmark even warburg did not anticipate
PS Ward, CB Thompson
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Leukemic IDH1 and IDH2 mutations result in a hypermethylation phenotype, disrupt TET2 function, and impair hematopoietic differentiation
ME Figueroa, O Abdel-Wahab, C Lu, PS Ward, J Patel, A Shih, Y Li, ...
Cancer cell 18 (6), 553-567, 2010
Beyond aerobic glycolysis: transformed cells can engage in glutamine metabolism that exceeds the requirement for protein and nucleotide synthesis
RJ DeBerardinis, A Mancuso, E Daikhin, I Nissim, M Yudkoff, S Wehrli, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 104 (49), 19345-19350, 2007
Bad, a heterodimeric partner for Bcl-XL and Bcl-2, displaces Bax and promotes cell death
E Yang, J Zha, J Jockel, LH Boise, CB Thompson, SJ Korsmeyer
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CTLA-4 can function as a negative regulator of T cell activation
TL Walunas, DJ Lenschow, CY Bakker, PS Linsley, GJ Freeman, ...
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Succinate links TCA cycle dysfunction to oncogenesis by inhibiting HIF-α prolyl hydroxylase
MA Selak, SM Armour, ED MacKenzie, H Boulahbel, DG Watson, ...
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The common feature of leukemia-associated IDH1 and IDH2 mutations is a neomorphic enzyme activity converting α-ketoglutarate to 2-hydroxyglutarate
PS Ward, J Patel, DR Wise, O Abdel-Wahab, BD Bennett, HA Coller, ...
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CTLA-4 and PD-1 receptors inhibit T-cell activation by distinct mechanisms
RV Parry, JM Chemnitz, KA Frauwirth, AR Lanfranco, I Braunstein, ...
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ATP-citrate lyase links cellular metabolism to histone acetylation
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Myc regulates a transcriptional program that stimulates mitochondrial glutaminolysis and leads to glutamine addiction
DR Wise, RJ DeBerardinis, A Mancuso, N Sayed, XY Zhang, HK Pfeiffer, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 105 (48), 18782-18787, 2008
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