Attila Nagy
Attila Nagy
Wigner Research Centre for Physics
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The red mud accident in Ajka (Hungary): characterization and potential health effects of fugitive dust
A Gelencsér, N Kováts, B Turóczi, Á Rostási, A Hoffer, K Imre, ...
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A Nagy, J Wu, KM Berland
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A new method for the simultaneous measurement of aerosol particle size, complex refractive index and particle density
WW Szymanski, A Nagy, A Czitrovszky, P Jani
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Deposition distribution of the new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) in the human airways upon exposure to cough-generated droplets and aerosol particles
BG Madas, P Füri, Á Farkas, A Nagy, A Czitrovszky, I Balásházy, ...
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Optical particle spectrometry—Problems and prospects
WW Szymanski, A Nagy, A Czitrovszky
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Characterizing observation volumes and the role<? xpp qa?> of excitation saturation in one-photon fluorescence fluctuation spectroscopy
A Nagy, J Wu, KM Berland
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Numerical and experimental study of the performance of the dual wavelength optical particle spectrometer (DWOPS)
A Nagy, WW Szymanski, P Gál, A Golczewski, A Czitrovszky
Journal of aerosol science 38 (4), 467-478, 2007
In vitro and in silico (IVIS) flow characterization in an idealized human airway geometry using laser Doppler anemometry and computational fluid dynamics techniques
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Comparative analysis of SERS substrates of different morphology
I Rigó, M Veres, L Himics, S Tóth, A Czitrovszky, A Nagy, P Fürjes
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Measurement of quantum efficiency using correlated photon pairs and a single-detector technique
A Czitrovszky, A Sergienko, P Jani, A Nagy
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Nanoscience Advances in CBRN Agents Detection, Information and Energy Security
A Kerekes, M Veres, L Himics, S Tóth, A Czitrovszky, A Nagy, D Oszetzky, ...
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Establishment of relationships between native and inhalation device specific spirometric parameters as a step towards patient tailored inhalation device selection
Á Farkas, A Szipőcs, A Horváth, I Horváth, G Gálffy, J Varga, K Galambos, ...
RESPIRATORY MEDICINE 154, 133-140., 2019
Light scattering from droplets with inclusions and the impact on optical measurement of aerosols
L Wind, L Hofer, A Nagy, P Winkler, A Vrtala, WW Szymanski
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Effect of delayed pMDI actuation on the lung deposition of a fixed-dose combination aerosol drug
Á Farkas, A Horváth, A Kerekes, A Nagy, S Kugler, L Tamási, G Tomisa
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Measurement of quantum efficiency using entangled photons
A Czitrovszky, P Jani, A Nagy, A Sergienko
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Single nanoparticle size measurement algorithm using photon correlation techniques
P Jani, A Nagy, A Czitrovszky
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Aerosol particle size determination using a photon correlation laser Doppler anemometer
P Jani, A Nagy, A Czitrovszky
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Dry powder comprised of isoniazid-loaded nanoparticles of hyaluronic acid in conjugation with mannose-anchored chitosan for macrophage-targeted pulmonary administration in …
M Mukhtar, N Csaba, S Robla, R Varela-Calviño, A Nagy, K Burian, ...
Pharmaceutics 14 (8), 1543, 2022
Pre-excitation studies for rubidium-plasma generation
M Aladi, J Bakos, IF Barna, A Czitrovszky, G Djotyan, P Dombi, D Dzsotjan, ...
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators …, 2014
Hanbury Brown–Twiss type correlations with surface plasmon light
S Varró, N Kroó, D Oszetzky, A Nagy, A Czitrovszky
Journal of Modern Optics 58 (21), 2049-2057, 2011
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