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Hovington Pierre
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CASINO: A new Monte Carlo code in C language for electron beam interaction—Part I: Description of the program
P Hovington, D Drouin, R Gauvin
Scanning 19 (1), 1-14, 1997
Nano-particle Li4Ti5O12 spinel as electrode for electrochemical generators
A Guerfi, S Sevigny, M Lagacé, P Hovington, K Kinoshita, K Zaghib
Journal of Power Sources 119, 88-94, 2003
Characterization of Na-based phosphate as electrode materials for electrochemical cells
K Zaghib, J Trottier, P Hovington, F Brochu, A Guerfi, A Mauger, CM Julien
Journal of Power Sources 196 (22), 9612-9617, 2011
CASINO: A new monte carlo code in C language for electron beam interactions—part II: Tabulated values of the mott cross section
D Drouin, P Hovington, R Gauvin
Scanning 19 (1), 20-28, 1997
Review and analysis of nanostructured olivine-based lithium recheargeable batteries: Status and trends
K Zaghib, A Guerfi, P Hovington, A Vijh, M Trudeau, A Mauger, ...
Journal of Power Sources 232, 357-369, 2013
CASINO: a new Monte Carlo code in C language for electron beam interactions—part III: stopping power at low energies
P Hovington, D Drouin, R Gauvin, DC Joy, N Evans
Scanning 19 (1), 29-35, 1997
New Lithium Metal Polymer Solid State Battery for an Ultrahigh Energy: Nano C-LiFePO4 versus Nano Li1.2V3O8
P Hovington, M Lagacé, A Guerfi, P Bouchard, A Mauger, CM Julien, ...
Nano letters 15 (4), 2671-2678, 2015
Lithium insertion electrode materials based on orthosilicate derivatives
M Armand, C Michot, N Ravet, M Simoneau, P Hovington
US Patent 6,085,015, 2000
Light-assisted delithiation of lithium iron phosphate nanocrystals towards photo-rechargeable lithium ion batteries
A Paolella, C Faure, G Bertoni, S Marras, A Guerfi, A Darwiche, ...
Nature communications 8 (1), 1-10, 2017
An improved high-power battery with increased thermal operating range: C–LiFePO4//C–Li4Ti5O12
K Zaghib, M Dontigny, A Guerfi, J Trottier, J Hamel-Paquet, V Gariepy, ...
Journal of Power Sources 216, 192-200, 2012
In operando scanning electron microscopy and ultraviolet–visible spectroscopy studies of lithium/sulfur cells using all solid-state polymer electrolyte
H Marceau, CS Kim, A Paolella, S Ladouceur, M Lagacé, M Chaker, ...
Journal of Power Sources 319, 247-254, 2016
SiOx–graphite as negative for high energy Li-ion batteries
A Guerfi, P Charest, M Dontigny, J Trottier, M Lagacé, P Hovington, A Vijh, ...
Journal of Power Sources 196 (13), 5667-5673, 2011
Improved iron based cathode material
N Ravet, JB Goodenough, S Besner, M Simoneau, P Hovington, ...
Proceedings of the 196th ECS meeting, Honolulu, extended abstract 127, 1999
The effects of moisture contamination in the Li-O2 battery
MH Cho, J Trottier, C Gagnon, P Hovington, D Clément, A Vijh, CS Kim, ...
Journal of Power Sources 268, 565-574, 2014
In situ Scanning electron microscope study and microstructural evolution of nano silicon anode for high energy Li-ion batteries
P Hovington, M Dontigny, A Guerfi, J Trottier, M Lagacé, A Mauger, ...
Journal of Power Sources 248, 457-464, 2014
Can we detect Li KX‐ray in lithium compounds using energy dispersive spectroscopy?
P Hovington, V Timoshevskii, S Burgess, H Demers, P Statham, R Gauvin, ...
Scanning 38 (6), 571-578, 2016
Lithium battery with solid polymer electrolyte based on comb-like copolymers
JC Daigle, A Vijh, P Hovington, C Gagnon, J Hamel-Pâquet, S Verreault, ...
Journal of Power Sources 279, 372-383, 2015
Synthesis of pure phase disordered LiMn1. 45Cr0. 1Ni0. 45O4 by a post-annealing method
D Liu, J Hamel-Paquet, J Trottier, F Barray, V Gariépy, P Hovington, ...
Journal of Power Sources 217, 400-406, 2012
In situ scanning electron microscopy detection of carbide nature of dendrites in Li–polymer batteries
M Golozar, P Hovington, A Paolella, S Bessette, M Lagacé, P Bouchard, ...
Nano Letters 18 (12), 7583-7589, 2018
Quantification of spherical inclusions in the scanning electron microscope using Monte Carlo simulations
R Gauvin, P Hovington, D Drouin
Scanning 17 (4), 202-219, 1995
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