Cecilia S Lee
Cecilia S Lee
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Reporting guidelines for clinical trial reports for interventions involving artificial intelligence: the CONSORT-AI extension
X Liu, SC Rivera, D Moher, MJ Calvert, AK Denniston, H Ashrafian, ...
The Lancet Digital Health 2 (10), e537-e548, 2020
Guidelines for clinical trial protocols for interventions involving artificial intelligence: the SPIRIT-AI extension
SC Rivera, X Liu, AW Chan, AK Denniston, MJ Calvert, H Ashrafian, ...
The Lancet Digital Health 2 (10), e549-e560, 2020
Deep learning is effective for classifying normal versus age-related macular degeneration OCT images
CS Lee, DM Baughman, AY Lee
Ophthalmology Retina 1 (4), 322-327, 2017
Deep-learning based, automated segmentation of macular edema in optical coherence tomography
CS Lee, AJ Tyring, NP Deruyter, Y Wu, A Rokem, AY Lee
Biomedical optics express 8 (7), 3440-3448, 2017
Paucibacterial microbiome and resident DNA virome of the healthy conjunctiva
T Doan, L Akileswaran, D Andersen, B Johnson, N Ko, A Shrestha, ...
Investigative ophthalmology & visual science 57 (13), 5116-5126, 2016
Clinical applications of continual learning machine learning
CS Lee, AY Lee
The Lancet Digital Health 2 (6), e279-e281, 2020
Wide-field optical coherence tomography based microangiography for retinal imaging
Q Zhang, CS Lee, J Chao, CL Chen, T Zhang, U Sharma, A Zhang, J Liu, ...
Scientific reports 6 (1), 22017, 2016
Associations between recent and established ophthalmic conditions and risk of Alzheimer's disease
CS Lee, EB Larson, LE Gibbons, AY Lee, SM McCurry, JD Bowen, ...
Alzheimer's & Dementia 15 (1), 34-41, 2019
Forecasting future Humphrey visual fields using deep learning
JC Wen, CS Lee, PA Keane, S Xiao, AS Rokem, PP Chen, Y Wu, AY Lee
PloS one 14 (4), e0214875, 2019
Viral posterior uveitis
JH Lee, A Agarwal, P Mahendradas, CS Lee, V Gupta, CE Pavesio, ...
Survey of ophthalmology 62 (4), 404-445, 2017
Multicenter, head-to-head, real-world validation study of seven automated artificial intelligence diabetic retinopathy screening systems
AY Lee, RT Yanagihara, CS Lee, M Blazes, HC Jung, YE Chee, ...
Diabetes care 44 (5), 1168-1175, 2021
Projection artifact removal improves visualization and quantitation of macular neovascularization imaged by optical coherence tomography angiography
Q Zhang, A Zhang, CS Lee, AY Lee, KA Rezaei, L Roisman, A Miller, ...
Ophthalmology retina 1 (2), 124-136, 2017
Anti-tubercular therapy for intraocular tuberculosis: a systematic review and meta-analysis
AR Kee, JJ Gonzalez-Lopez, A Al-Hity, B Gupta, CS Lee, ...
Survey of ophthalmology 61 (5), 628-653, 2016
Generating retinal flow maps from structural optical coherence tomography with artificial intelligence
CS Lee, AJ Tyring, Y Wu, S Xiao, AS Rokem, NP DeRuyter, Q Zhang, ...
Scientific reports 9 (1), 5694, 2019
COVID-19 and immunosuppression: a review of current clinical experiences and implications for ophthalmology patients taking immunosuppressive drugs
ZX Thng, MD De Smet, CS Lee, V Gupta, JR Smith, PJ McCluskey, ...
British Journal of Ophthalmology 105 (3), 306-310, 2021
Reevaluating the definition of intraretinal microvascular abnormalities and neovascularization elsewhere in diabetic retinopathy using optical coherence tomography and …
CS Lee, AY Lee, DA Sim, PA Keane, H Mehta, J Zarranz-Ventura, ...
American journal of ophthalmology 159 (1), 101-110. e1, 2015
Association between cataract extraction and development of dementia
CS Lee, LE Gibbons, AY Lee, RT Yanagihara, MS Blazes, ML Lee, ...
JAMA Internal Medicine 182 (2), 134-141, 2022
Methodological challenges of deep learning in optical coherence tomography for retinal diseases: a review
RT Yanagihara, CS Lee, DSW Ting, AY Lee
Translational Vision Science & Technology 9 (2), 11-11, 2020
Comparisons between histology and optical coherence tomography angiography of the periarterial capillary-free zone
C Balaratnasingam, D An, Y Sakurada, CS Lee, AY Lee, IL McAllister, ...
American journal of ophthalmology 189, 55-64, 2018
Infectious corneal ulceration: a proposal for neglected tropical disease status
L Ung, NR Acharya, T Agarwal, EC Alfonso, B Bagga, PJM Bispo, ...
Bulletin of the World Health Organization 97 (12), 854, 2019
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