Muhammad Imran Asghar
Muhammad Imran Asghar
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Device stability of perovskite solar cells–A review
MI Asghar, J Zhang, H Wang, PD Lund
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 77, 131-146, 2017
Review of stability for advanced dye solar cells
MI Asghar, K Miettunen, J Halme, P Vahermaa, M Toivola, K Aitola, ...
Energy & Environmental Science 3 (4), 418-426, 2010
Review of materials and manufacturing options for large area flexible dye solar cells
G Hashmi, K Miettunen, T Peltola, J Halme, I Asghar, K Aitola, M Toivola, ...
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 15 (8), 3717-3732, 2011
A review on solid oxide fuel cell durability: Latest progress, mechanisms, and study tools
SZ Golkhatmi, MI Asghar, PD Lund
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 161, 112339, 2022
Electrochemical mechanisms of an advanced low-temperature fuel cell with a SrTiO 3 electrolyte
G Chen, H Liu, Y He, L Zhang, MI Asghar, S Geng, PD Lund
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 7 (16), 9638-9645, 2019
Promoted electrocatalytic activity and ionic transport simultaneously in dual functional Ba0. 5Sr0. 5Fe0. 8Sb0. 2O3-δ-Sm0. 2Ce0. 8O2-δ heterostructure
N Mushtaq, Y Lu, C Xia, W Dong, B Wang, MAKY Shah, S Rauf, M Akbar, ...
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 298, 120503, 2021
Application of a Triple-Conducting Heterostructure Electrolyte of Ba0.5Sr0.5Co0.1Fe0.7Zr0.1Y0.1O3−δ and Ca0.04Ce0.80Sm0.16O2−δ in a High …
S Rauf, B Zhu, MAK Yousaf Shah, Z Tayyab, S Attique, N Ali, N Mushtaq, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 12 (31), 35071-35080, 2020
Wide bandgap oxides for low-temperature single-layered nanocomposite fuel cell
MI Asghar, S Jouttijärvi, R Jokiranta, AM Valtavirta, PD Lund
Nano Energy 53, 391-397, 2018
Effect of electrolyte bleaching on the stability and performance of dye solar cells
S Mastroianni, I Asghar, K Miettunen, J Halme, A Lanuti, TM Brown, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 16 (13), 6092-6100, 2014
Semiconductor Fe-doped SrTiO3-δ perovskite electrolyte for low-temperature solid oxide fuel cell (LT-SOFC) operating below 520° C
MAKY Shah, S Rauf, N Mushtaq, Z Tayyab, N Ali, M Yousaf, Y Xing, ...
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 45 (28), 14470-14479, 2020
In situ image processing method to investigate performance and stability of dye solar cells
MI Asghar, K Miettunen, S Mastroianni, J Halme, H Vahlman, P Lund
Solar Energy 86 (1), 331-338, 2012
Rediscovering a key interface in dye-sensitized solar cells: guanidinium and iodine competition for binding sites at the dye/electrolyte surface
XA Jeanbourquin, X Li, CH Law, PRF Barnes, R Humphry-Baker, P Lund, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 136 (20), 7286-7294, 2014
Mechanism for major improvement in SOFC electrolyte conductivity when using lithium compounds as anode
Y He, G Chen, X Zhang, L Zhang, D Yang, MI Asghar, S Geng, PD Lund
ACS Applied Energy Materials 3 (5), 4134-4138, 2020
The relationship among urbanization, economic growth, renewable energy consumption, and environmental degradation: A comparative view of European and Asian emerging economies
FM Nuţă, A Sharafat, OJ Abban, I Khan, M Irfan, AC Nuţă, AB Dankyi, ...
Gondwana Research 128, 325-339, 2024
Charge transport and photocurrent generation characteristics in dye solar cells containing thermally degraded N719 dye molecules
AR Andersen, J Halme, T Lund, MI Asghar, PT Nguyen, K Miettunen, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 115 (31), 15598-15606, 2011
A carbon gel catalyst layer for the roll-to-roll production of dye solar cells
K Miettunen, M Toivola, G Hashmi, J Salpakari, I Asghar, P Lund
Carbon 49 (2), 528-532, 2011
Novel Perovskite Semiconductor Based on Co/Fe-Codoped LBZY (La0.5Ba0.5 Co0.2Fe0.2Zr0.3Y0.3O3−δ) as an Electrolyte in Ceramic Fuel Cells
MAKY Shah, S Rauf, N Mushtaq, B Zhu, Z Tayyab, M Yousaf, MB Hanif, ...
ACS Applied Energy Materials 4 (6), 5798-5808, 2021
Advanced low-temperature ceramic nanocomposite fuel cells using ultra high ionic conductivity electrolytes synthesized through freeze-dried method and solid-route
MI Asghar, M Heikkilä, PD Lund
Materials Today Energy 5, 338-346, 2017
An efficient Sm and Ge co-doped ceria nanocomposite electrolyte for low temperature solid oxide fuel cells
MS Arshad, R Raza, MA Ahmad, G Abbas, A Ali, A Rafique, MK Ullah, ...
Ceramics International 44 (1), 170-174, 2018
Stabilization of metal counter electrodes for dye solar cells
K Miettunen, I Asghar, X Ruan, J Halme, T Saukkonen, P Lund
Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry 653 (1-2), 93-99, 2011
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