Maria Angelica Cortez
Maria Angelica Cortez
Assistant Professor, UT Southwestern
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MicroRNAs in body fluids—the mix of hormones and biomarkers
MA Cortez, C Bueso-Ramos, J Ferdin, G Lopez-Berestein, AK Sood, ...
Nature reviews Clinical oncology 8 (8), 467-477, 2011
Metastasis is regulated via microRNA-200/ZEB1 axis control of tumour cell PD-L1 expression and intratumoral immunosuppression
L Chen, DL Gibbons, S Goswami, MA Cortez, YH Ahn, LA Byers, X Zhang, ...
Nature communications 5 (1), 5241, 2014
Co-occurring Genomic Alterations Define Major Subsets of KRAS-Mutant Lung Adenocarcinoma with Distinct Biology, Immune Profiles, and Therapeutic …
F Skoulidis, LA Byers, L Diao, VA Papadimitrakopoulou, P Tong, J Izzo, ...
Cancer discovery 5 (8), 860-877, 2015
PDL1 Regulation by p53 via miR-34
MA Cortez, C Ivan, D Valdecanas, X Wang, HJ Peltier, Y Ye, L Araujo, ...
Journal of the National Cancer Institute 108 (1), djv303, 2016
MicroRNA identification in plasma and serum: a new tool to diagnose and monitor diseases
MA Cortez, GA Calin
Expert opinion on biological therapy 9 (6), 703-711, 2009
Combining radiation and immunotherapy: a new systemic therapy for solid tumors?
C Tang, X Wang, H Soh, S Seyedin, MA Cortez, S Krishnan, E Massarelli, ...
Cancer immunology research 2 (9), 831-838, 2014
MiR-15a and MiR-16 control Bmi-1 expression in ovarian cancer
R Bhattacharya, M Nicoloso, R Arvizo, E Wang, A Cortez, S Rossi, ...
Cancer research 69 (23), 9090-9095, 2009
Gene expression profile analysis of primary glioblastomas and non-neoplastic brain tissue: identification of potential target genes by oligonucleotide microarray and real-time …
CA Scrideli, CG Carlotti, OK Okamoto, VS Andrade, MAA Cortez, ...
Journal of neuro-oncology 88, 281-291, 2008
Suppression of type I IFN signaling in tumors mediates resistance to anti-PD-1 treatment that can be overcome by radiotherapy
X Wang, JE Schoenhals, A Li, DR Valdecanas, H Ye, F Zang, C Tang, ...
Cancer research 77 (4), 839-850, 2017
Therapeutic delivery of miR-200c enhances radiosensitivity in lung cancer
MA Cortez, D Valdecanas, X Zhang, Y Zhan, V Bhardwaj, GA Calin, ...
Molecular Therapy 22 (8), 1494-1503, 2014
Differential expression of HDAC3, HDAC7 and HDAC9 is associated with prognosis and survival in childhood acute lymphoblastic leukaemia
DA Moreno, CA Scrideli, MAA Cortez, R De Paula Queiroz, ET Valera, ...
British journal of haematology 150 (6), 665-673, 2010
Differential expression of 12 histone deacetylase (HDAC) genes in astrocytomas and normal brain tissue: class II and IV are hypoexpressed in glioblastomas
AKB Lucio-Eterovic, MAA Cortez, ET Valera, FJN Motta, RGP Queiroz, ...
BMC cancer 8, 1-10, 2008
miR‐29b and miR‐125a regulate podoplanin and suppress invasion in glioblastoma
MA Cortez, MS Nicoloso, M Shimizu, S Rossi, G Gopisetty, JR Molina, ...
Genes, Chromosomes and Cancer 49 (11), 981-990, 2010
Co-occurring genomic alterations define major subsets of KRAS-mutant lung adenocarcinoma with distinct biology, immune profiles, and therapeutic vulnerabilities. Cancer Discov …
F Skoulidis, LA Byers, L Diao, VA Papadimitrakopoulou, P Tong, J Izzo, ...
External Resources Crossref (DOI), 2012
Low-dose radiation treatment enhances systemic antitumor immune responses by overcoming the inhibitory stroma
HB Barsoumian, R Ramapriyan, AI Younes, MS Caetano, H Menon, ...
Journal for immunotherapy of cancer 8 (2), 2020
Role of radiation therapy in modulation of the tumor stroma and microenvironment
H Menon, R Ramapriyan, TR Cushman, V Verma, HH Kim, ...
Frontiers in immunology 10, 193, 2019
Role of miRNAs in immune responses and immunotherapy in cancer
MA Cortez, S Anfossi, R Ramapriyan, H Menon, SC Atalar, M Aliru, ...
Genes, Chromosomes and Cancer 58 (4), 244-253, 2019
Altered cancer metabolism in mechanisms of immunotherapy resistance
R Ramapriyan, MS Caetano, HB Barsoumian, ACP Mafra, EP Zambalde, ...
Pharmacology & therapeutics 195, 162-171, 2019
HINCUTs in cancer: hypoxia-induced noncoding ultraconserved transcripts
J Ferdin, N Nishida, X Wu, MS Nicoloso, MY Shah, C Devlin, H Ling, ...
Cell Death & Differentiation 20 (12), 1675-1687, 2013
Circulating microRNAs as noninvasive biomarkers in breast cancer
MA Cortez, JW Welsh, GA Calin
Minimal residual disease and circulating tumor cells in breast cancer, 151-161, 2012
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