Luigi Maria Galantucci
Luigi Maria Galantucci
Professor of Manufacturing Processes, DMMM (ex DIMEG), Politecnico di Bari
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Experimental study aiming to enhance the surface finish of fused deposition modeled parts
LM Galantucci, F Lavecchia, G Percoco
CIRP annals 58 (1), 189-192, 2009
Quantitative analysis of a chemical treatment to reduce roughness of parts fabricated using fused deposition modeling
LM Galantucci, F Lavecchia, G Percoco
CIRP annals 59 (1), 247-250, 2010
Thermo-mechanical simulation of a rolling process with an FEM approach
LM Galantucci, L Tricarico
Journal of Materials Processing Technology 92, 494-501, 1999
Analysis of dimensional performance for a 3D open-source printer based on fused deposition modeling technique
LM Galantucci, I Bodi, J Kacani, F Lavecchia
Procedia Cirp 28, 82-87, 2015
Compressive properties of FDM rapid prototypes treated with a low cost chemical finishing
G Percoco, F Lavecchia, LM Galantucci
Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology 4 (19 …, 2012
Study of compression properties of topologically optimized FDM made structured parts
LM Galantucci, F Lavecchia, G Percoco
CIRP annals 57 (1), 243-246, 2008
Assembly and disassembly planning by using fuzzy logic & genetic algorithms
LM Galantucci, G Percoco, R Spina
International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems 1 (2), 7, 2004
Reverse engineering techniques applied to a human skull, for CAD 3D reconstruction and physical replication by rapid prototyping
LM Galantucci, G Percoco, G Angelelli, C Lopez, F Introna, C Liuzzi, ...
Journal of medical engineering & technology 30 (2), 102-111, 2006
Evaluation of filling conditions of injection moulding by integrating numerical simulations and experimental tests
LM Galantucci, R Spina
Journal of materials processing technology 141 (2), 266-275, 2003
A powerful scanning methodology for 3D measurements of small parts with complex surfaces and sub millimeter-sized features, based on close range photogrammetry
LM Galantucci, M Pesce, F Lavecchia
Precision Engineering 43, 211-219, 2016
Automated landmark extraction for orthodontic measurement of faces using the 3-camera photogrammetry methodology
R Deli, E Di Gioia, LM Galantucci, G Percoco
Journal of Craniofacial Surgery 21 (1), 87-93, 2010
Surface treatment for adhesive-bonded joints by excimer laser
LM Galantucci, A Gravina, G Chita, M Cinquepalmi
Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing 27 (11), 1041-1049, 1996
An experimental study on laser drilling and cutting of composite materials for the aerospace industry using excimer and CO2 sources
M Dell'Erba, LM Galantucci, S Miglietta
Composites Manufacturing 3 (1), 14-19, 1992
Reliability of a virtual prosthodontic project realized through a 2d and 3d photographic acquisition: An experimental study on the accuracy of different digital systems
L Lavorgna, G Cervino, L Fiorillo, G Di Leo, G Troiano, M Ortensi, ...
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 16 (24), 5139, 2019
Three-dimensional methodology for photogrammetric acquisition of the soft tissues of the face: a new clinical-instrumental protocol
R Deli, LM Galantucci, A Laino, R D’Alessio, E Di Gioia, C Savastano, ...
Progress in Orthodontics 14 (1), 1-15, 2013
Design of process parameters for dual phase steel production with strip rolling using the finite-element method
M De Cosmo, LM Galantucci, L Tricarico
Journal of Materials Processing Technology 92, 486-493, 1999
A stereo photogrammetry scanning methodology, for precise and accurate 3D digitization of small parts with sub-millimeter sized features
LM Galantucci, M Pesce, F Lavecchia
CIRP Annals 64 (1), 507-510, 2015
Coded targets and hybrid grids for photogrammetric 3D digitisation of human faces
LM Galantucci, G Percoco, U Dal Maso
Virtual and Physical Prototyping 3 (3), 167-176, 2008
A computer-aided approach for the simulation of the directional-solidification process for gas turbine blades
LM Galantucci, L Tricarico
Journal of Materials Processing Technology 77 (1-3), 160-165, 1998
Excimer laser cutting: experimental characterization and 3D numerical modelling for polyester resins
LM Galantucci, F Giusti
CIRP Annals 47 (1), 141-144, 1998
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