Alexey Krylov
Alexey Krylov
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The cenozoic palaeoenvironment of the arctic ocean
K Moran, J Backman, H Brinkhuis, SC Clemens, T Cronin, GR Dickens, ...
Nature 441 (7093), 601, 2006
A shift in heavy and clay mineral provenance indicates a middle Miocene onset of a perennial sea ice cover in the Arctic Ocean
AA Krylov, IA Andreeva, C Vogt, J Backman, VV Krupskaya, GE Grikurov, ...
Paleoceanography 23 (1), 2008
Towards a better (litho-) stratigraphy and reconstruction of Quaternary paleoenvironment in the Amerasian Basin (Arctic Ocean)
R Stein, J Matthiessen, F Niessen, A Krylov, S Nam, E Bazhenova
Polarforschung 79 (2), 97-121, 2010
Coexistence of structure I and II gas hydrates in Lake Baikal suggesting gas sources from microbial and thermogenic origin
M Kida, O Khlystov, T Zemskaya, N Takahashi, H Minami, H Sakagami, ...
Geophysical Research Letters 33 (24), 2006
Geochemical and microbiological characteristics of sediments near the Malenky mud volcano (Lake Baikal, Russia), with evidence of Archaea intermediate between the marine …
TI Zemskaya, TV Pogodaeva, OV Shubenkova, SM Сhernitsina, ...
Geo-Marine Letters 30 (3-4), 411-425, 2010
Natural gas hydrates with locally different cage occupancies and hydration numbers in Lake Baikal
M Kida, A Hachikubo, H Sakagami, H Minami, A Krylov, S Yamashita, ...
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 10 (5), 2009
Molecular and isotopic characteristics of gas hydrate-bound hydrocarbons in southern and central Lake Baikal
A Hachikubo, O Khlystov, A Krylov, H Sakagami, H Minami, Y Nunokawa, ...
Geo-Marine Letters 30 (3-4), 321-329, 2010
Isotopic composition of gas hydrates in subsurface sediments from offshore Sakhalin Island, Sea of Okhotsk
A Hachikubo, A Krylov, H Sakagami, H Minami, Y Nunokawa, H Shoji, ...
Geo-Marine Letters 30 (3-4), 313-319, 2010
First discovery and formation process of authigenic siderite from gas hydrate–bearing mud volcanoes in fresh water: Lake Baikal, eastern Siberia
A Krylov, O Khlystov, T Zemskaya, H Minami, A Hachikubo, Y Nunokawa, ...
Geophysical Research Letters 35 (5), 2008
Isotopic fractionation of methane and ethane hydrates between gas and hydrate phases
A Hachikubo, T Kosaka, M Kida, A Krylov, H Sakagami, H Minami, ...
Geophysical Research Letters 34 (21), 2007
Model of formation of double structure gas hydrates in Lake Baikal based on isotopic data
A Hachikubo, O Khlystov, A Manakov, M Kida, A Krylov, H Sakagami, ...
Geophysical Research Letters 36 (18), 2009
Isotopic composition of dissolved inorganic carbon in subsurface sediments of gas hydrate-bearing mud volcanoes, Lake Baikal: implications for methane and carbonate origin
AA Krylov, OM Khlystov, A Hachikubo, H Minami, Y Nunokawa, H Shoji, ...
Geo-Marine Letters 30 (3-4), 427-437, 2010
Thermal anomalies associated with shallow gas hydrates in the K-2 mud volcano, Lake Baikal
J Poort, OM Khlystov, L Naudts, AD Duchkov, H Shoji, S Nishio, ...
Geo-Marine Letters 32 (5-6), 407-417, 2012
Crystallization of authigenic carbonates in mud volcanoes at Lake Baikal
AA Krylov, OM Khlystov, TI Zemskaya, H Minami, A Hachikubo, H Shoji, ...
Geochemistry International 46 (10), 985-995, 2008
Morphology of seamounts at the Mendeleev Rise, Arctic ocean
E Gusev, P Rekant, V Kaminsky, A Krylov, A Morozov, S Shokalsky, ...
Polar Research 36 (1), 1298901, 2017
Sedimentogenesis in the Amundsen Basin from geophysical data and drilling results on the Lomonosov Ridge
AA Chernykh, AA Krylov
Doklady Earth Sciences 440 (2), 1372-1376, 2011
Clay minerals as indicators of late quaternary sedimentation constraints in the Mendeleev Rise, Amerasian Basin, Arctic Ocean
AA Krylov, R Stein, LA Ermakova
Lithology and Mineral Resources 49 (1), 103-116, 2014
南尚嗣, 坂上寛敏, 八久保晶弘, 百武欣二, 戸丸仁, 木田真人, 高橋信夫, ...
地学雑誌 118 (1), 194-206, 2009
Stratigraphy and accumulation of upper quaternary sediments in the northern part of the Mendeleev rise (Amerasian Basin, Arctic Ocean)
AA Krylov, VV Shilov, IA Andreeva, ES Mirolubova
Sediments and authigenic carbonates related to gas hydrates in the Sea of Okhotsk: First results from the CHAOS 2005 expedition
A Krylov, L Mazurenko, A Hachikubo, H Minami, E Logvina, N Nikolaeva, ...
Gas Hydrates for the Future Energy and Environment. Procee dings of the 2nd …, 2007
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