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Vermeulen Nicolas
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Embodiment of emotion concepts.
PM Niedenthal, P Winkielman, L Mondillon, N Vermeulen
Journal of personality and social psychology 96 (6), 1120, 2009
Alexithymia and the processing of emotional facial expressions (EFEs): systematic review, unanswered questions and further perspectives
D Grynberg, B Chang, O Corneille, P Maurage, N Vermeulen, S Berthoz, ...
PloS one 7 (8), e42429, 2012
Alexithymia and levels of processing: Evidence for an overall deficit in remembering emotion words
O Luminet, N Vermeulen, C Demaret, GJ Taylor, RM Bagby
Journal of Research in Personality 40 (5), 713-733, 2006
Alexithymia and the automatic processing of affective information: Evidence from the affective priming paradigm
N Vermeulen, O Luminet, O Corneille
Cognition & Emotion 20 (1), 64-91, 2006
Switching between sensory and affective systems incurs processing costs
N Vermeulen, PM Niedenthal, O Luminet
Cognitive Science 31 (1), 183-192, 2007
Sensory load incurs conceptual processing costs
N Vermeulen, O Corneille, PM Niedenthal
Cognition 109 (2), 287-294, 2008
Disrupted regulation of social exclusion in alcohol-dependence: an fMRI study
P Maurage, F Joassin, P Philippot, A Heeren, N Vermeulen, P Mahau, ...
Neuropsychopharmacology 37 (9), 2067-2075, 2012
Categorical perception of anger and disgust facial expression is affected by non-clinical social anxiety: an ERP study
M Rossignol, C Anselme, N Vermeulen, P Philippot, S Campanella
Brain research 1132, 166-176, 2007
Emotional modulation of attention: fear increases but disgust reduces the attentional blink
N Vermeulen, J Godefroid, M Mermillod
PLoS One 4 (11), e7924, 2009
High genetic diversity and adaptive potential of two simian hemorrhagic fever viruses in a wild primate population
AL Bailey, M Lauck, A Weiler, SD Sibley, JM Dinis, Z Bergman, ...
PloS one 9 (3), e90714, 2014
Developmental dysfunction of VIP interneurons impairs cortical circuits
R Batista-Brito, M Vinck, KA Ferguson, JT Chang, D Laubender, G Lur, ...
Neuron 95 (4), 884-895. e9, 2017
Current positive and negative affective states modulate attention: An attentional blink study
N Vermeulen
Personality and Individual Differences 49 (5), 542-545, 2010
Alexithymia factors and memory performances for neutral and emotional words
N Vermeulen, O Luminet
Personality and Individual Differences 47 (4), 305-309, 2009
Interoceptive sensitivity facilitates both antecedent-and response-focused emotion regulation strategies
A Kever, O Pollatos, N Vermeulen, D Grynberg
Personality and Individual Differences 87, 20-23, 2015
Are coarse scales sufficient for fast detection of visual threat?
M Mermillod, S Droit-Volet, D Devaux, A Schaefer, N Vermeulen
Psychological Science 21 (10), 1429-1437, 2010
Alexithymia: Advances in research, theory, and clinical practice
O Luminet, RM Bagby, GJ Taylor
Cambridge University Press, 2018
Reduced capacity in automatic processing of facial expression in restrictive anorexia nervosa and obesity
R Cserjési, N Vermeulen, L Lénárd, O Luminet
Psychiatry Research 188 (2), 253-257, 2011
Categorical perception of anger is disrupted in alexithymia: Evidence from a visual ERP study
N Vermeulen, O Luminet, MC De Sousa, S Campanella
Cognition and Emotion 22 (6), 1052-1067, 2008
Explicit vs. implicit body image evaluation in restrictive anorexia nervosa
R Cserjési, N Vermeulen, O Luminet, C Marechal, F Nef, Y Simon, ...
Psychiatry research 175 (1-2), 148-153, 2010
Unintended embodiment of concepts into percepts: Sensory activation boosts attention for same-modality concepts in the attentional blink paradigm
N Vermeulen, M Mermillod, J Godefroid, O Corneille
Cognition 112 (3), 467-472, 2009
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