Kwang Suk Park
Kwang Suk Park
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Ballistocardiography and seismocardiography: A review of recent advances
OT Inan, PF Migeotte, KS Park, M Etemadi, K Tavakolian, R Casanella, ...
IEEE journal of biomedical and health informatics 19 (4), 1414-1427, 2014
Validation of heart rate extraction using video imaging on a built-in camera system of a smartphone
S Kwon, H Kim, KS Park
2012 annual international conference of the IEEE engineering in medicine and …, 2012
Flexible polymeric dry electrodes for the long-term monitoring of ECG
JY Baek, JH An, JM Choi, KS Park, SH Lee
Sensors and Actuators A: Physical 143 (2), 423-429, 2008
ECG measurement on a chair without conductive contact
YG Lim, KK Kim, S Park
IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering 53 (5), 956-959, 2006
ECG recording on a bed during sleep without direct skin-contact
YG Lim, KK Kim, KS Park
IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering 54 (4), 718-725, 2007
A smart health monitoring chair for nonintrusive measurement of biological signals
HJ Baek, GS Chung, KK Kim, KS Park
IEEE transactions on Information Technology in Biomedicine 16 (1), 150-158, 2011
Detrended fluctuation analysis of EEG in sleep apnea using MIT/BIH polysomnography data
JM Lee, DJ Kim, IY Kim, KS Park, SI Kim
Computers in biology and medicine 32 (1), 37-47, 2002
Detection of abnormal living patterns for elderly living alone using support vector data description
JH Shin, B Lee, KS Park
IEEE Transactions on Information Technology in Biomedicine 15 (3), 438-448, 2011
Improved elimination of motion artifacts from a photoplethysmographic signal using a Kalman smoother with simultaneous accelerometry
B Lee, J Han, HJ Baek, JH Shin, KS Park, WJ Yi
Physiological measurement 31 (12), 1585, 2010
Hierarchical support vector machine based heartbeat classification using higher order statistics and hermite basis function
KS Park, BH Cho, DH Lee, SH Song, JS Lee, YJ Chee, IY Kim, SI Kim
2008 Computers in Cardiology, 229-232, 2008
Automatic classification of tremor severity in Parkinson’s disease using a wearable device
H Jeon, W Lee, H Park, HJ Lee, SK Kim, HB Kim, B Jeon, KS Park
Sensors 17 (9), 2067, 2017
Air mattress sensor system with balancing tube for unconstrained measurement of respiration and heart beat movements
Y Chee, J Han, J Youn, K Park
Physiological measurement 26 (4), 413, 2005
Flexible capacitive electrodes for minimizing motion artifacts in ambulatory electrocardiograms
JS Lee, J Heo, WK Lee, YG Lim, YH Kim, KS Park
Sensors 14 (8), 14732-14743, 2014
Nonconstrained sleep monitoring system and algorithms using air-mattress with balancing tube method
JH Shin, YJ Chee, DU Jeong, KS Park
IEEE transactions on information technology in biomedicine 14 (1), 147-156, 2009
Non-constrained monitoring of systolic blood pressure on a weighing scale
JH Shin, KM Lee, KS Park
Physiological measurement 30 (7), 679, 2009
Common mode noise cancellation for electrically non-contact ECG measurement system on a chair
KK Kim, YK Lim, KS Park
2005 IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology 27th Annual Conference, 5881-5883, 2006
The electrically noncontacting ECG measurement on the toilet seat using the capacitively-coupled insulated electrodes
KK Kim, YK Lim, KS Park
The 26th annual international conference of the IEEE engineering in medicine …, 2004
Estimation of thermal sensation based on wrist skin temperatures
SY Sim, MJ Koh, KM Joo, S Noh, S Park, YH Kim, KS Park
Sensors 16 (4), 420, 2016
Automated detection and elimination of periodic ECG artifacts in EEG using the energy interval histogram method
HJ Park, DU Jeong, KS Park
IEEE transactions on Biomedical Engineering 49 (12), 1526-1533, 2002
Automated sleep stage scoring using hybrid rule-and case-based reasoning
HJ Park, JS Oh, DU Jeong, KS Park
Computers and Biomedical Research 33 (5), 330-349, 2000
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