Ivan Baturin
Ivan Baturin
Senior researcher, Ferroelectric Laboratory, Institute of Natural Sciences, Ural Federal University
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Micro-and nano-domain engineering in lithium niobate
VY Shur, AR Akhmatkhanov, IS Baturin
Applied Physics Reviews 2 (4), 040604, 2015
Kinetic approach to fatigue phenomenon in ferroelectrics
VY Shur, EL Rumyantsev, EV Nikolaeva, EI Shishkin, IS Baturin
Journal of Applied Physics 90 (12), 6312-6315, 2001
Effect of barium content on dielectric and energy storage properties of (Pb, La, Ba)(Zr, Sn, Ti) O3 ceramics
Q Zhang, X Liu, Y Zhang, X Song, J Zhu, I Baturin, J Chen
Ceramics International 41 (2), 3030-3035, 2015
Heterogeneity of fatigue in bulk lead zirconate titanate
Y Zhang, DC Lupascu, E Aulbach, I Baturin, A Bell, J Rödel
Acta materialia 53 (8), 2203-2213, 2005
Field induced evolution of regular and random 2D domain structures and shape of isolated domains in LiNbO3 and LiTaO3
AI Lobov, VY Shur, IS Baturin, EI Shishkin, DK Kuznetsov, AG Shur, ...
Ferroelectrics 341 (1), 109-116, 2006
Pyroelectric effect and polarization instability in self-assembled diphenylalanine microtubes
A Esin, I Baturin, T Nikitin, S Vasilev, F Salehli, VY Shur, AL Kholkin
Applied Physics Letters 109 (14), 142902, 2016
Shape of isolated domains in lithium tantalate single crystals at elevated temperatures
VY Shur, AR Akhmatkhanov, DS Chezganov, AI Lobov, IS Baturin, ...
Applied physics letters 103 (24), 242903, 2013
Formation of dendrite domain structures in stoichiometric lithium niobate at elevated temperatures
V Ya. Shur, DS Chezganov, MS Nebogatikov, IS Baturin, MM Neradovskiy
Journal of Applied Physics 112 (10), 104113, 2012
Time-dependent conduction current in lithium niobate crystals with charged domain walls
V Ya. Shur, IS Baturin, AR Akhmatkhanov, DS Chezganov, AA Esin
Applied Physics Letters 103 (10), 102905, 2013
Investigation of jerky domain wall motion in lithium niobate
IS Baturin, MV Konev, AR Akhmatkhanov, AI Lobov, VY Shur
Ferroelectrics 374 (1), 136-143, 2008
Polarization fatigue in -based capacitors studied from high resolution synchrotron x-ray diffraction
N Menou, C Muller, IS Baturin, VY Shur, JL Hodeau
Journal of applied physics 97 (6), 064108, 2005
Periodically poled crystals of KTP family: a review
VY Shur, EV Pelegova, AR Akhmatkhanov, IS Baturin
Ferroelectrics 496 (1), 49-69, 2016
New approach to analysis of the switching current data in ferroelectric thin films
VY Shur, IS Baturin, EI Shishkin, MV Belousova
Ferroelectrics 291 (1), 27-35, 2003
Evolution of bias field and offset piezoelectric coefficient in bulk lead zirconate titanate with fatigue
Y Zhang, IS Baturin, E Aulbach, DC Lupascu, AL Kholkin, VY Shur, ...
Applied Physics Letters 86 (1), 012910, 2005
Polarization reversal and jump-like domain wall motion in stoichiometric LiTaO3 produced by vapor transport equilibration
VY Shur, AR Akhmatkhanov, IS Baturin, EV Shishkina
Journal of Applied Physics 111 (1), 014101, 2012
Complex study of bulk screening processes in single crystals of lithium niobate and lithium tantalate family
VY Shur, AR Akhmatkhanov, IS Baturin, MS Nebogatikov, MA Dolbilov
Physics of the Solid State 52 (10), 2147-2153, 2010
Characterization of bulk screening in single crystals of lithium niobate and lithium tantalate family
IS Baturin, AR Akhmatkhanov, VY Shur, MS Nebogatikov, MA Dolbilov, ...
Ferroelectrics 374 (1), 1-13, 2008
Influence of irradiation on the switching behavior in PZT thin films
I Baturin, N Menou, V Shur, C Muller, D Kuznetsov, JL Hodeau, ...
Materials Science and Engineering: B 120 (1-3), 141-145, 2005
Kinetic approach for describing the fatigue effect in ferroelectrics
VY Shur, EL Rumyantsev, EV Nikolaeva, EI Shishkin, IS Baturin
Physics of the Solid State 44 (11), 2145-2150, 2002
Electromechanical properties of electrostrictive CeO2:Gd membranes: Effects of frequency and temperature
AD Ushakov, E Mishuk, E Makagon, DO Alikin, AA Esin, IS Baturin, ...
Applied Physics Letters 110 (14), 142902, 2017
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