Ivan Svito
Ivan Svito
Belarusian State University, Faculty of Physics, Department of Energy Physics
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Structure and electrical properties of CoFeZr-aluminium oxide nanocomposite films
AM Saad, AV Mazanik, YE Kalinin, J Fedotova, AK Fedotov, S Wrotek, ...
Reviews on Advanced Materials Science 8 (2), 152-157, 2004
Impedance model of metal-dielectric nanocomposites produced by ion-beam sputtering in vacuum conditions and its experimental verification for thin films of (FeCoZr) x (PZT)(100− x)
P Zukowski, TN Koltunowicz, O Boiko, V Bondariev, K Czarnacka, ...
Vacuum 120, 37-43, 2015
Influence of sputtering atmosphere on hopping conductance in granular nanocomposite (FeCoZr) x (Al2O3) 1− x films
I Svito, JA Fedotova, M Milosavljević, P Zhukowski, TN Koltunowicz, ...
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 615, S344-S347, 2014
Influence of oxide matrix on electron transport in (FeCoZr) x (Al2O3) 1-x nanocomposite films
IA Svito, AK Fedotov, A Saad, P Zukowski, TN Koltunowicz
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 699, 818-823, 2017
Effect of oxide shells on the magnetic and magnetotransport characteristics of oxidized FeCoZr nanogranules in Al2O3
J Fedotova, J Kasiuk, J Przewoznik, C Kapusta, I Svito, Y Kalinin, ...
Journal of alloys and compounds 509 (41), 9869-9875, 2011
Hopping of electron transport in granular Cux (SiO2) 1–x nanocomposite films deposited by ion-beam sputtering
I Svito, AK Fedotov, TN Koltunowicz, P Zukowski, Y Kalinin, A Sitnikov, ...
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 615, S371-S374, 2014
Characterization of (Co0.45Fe0.45Zr0.10)x(Al2O3)1–x nanocomposite films applicable as spintronic materials
AM Saad, AK Fedotov, JA Fedotova, IA Svito, BV Andrievsky, YE Kalinin, ...
physica status solidi c 3 (5), 1283-1290, 2006
Correlation between local Fe states and magnetoresistivity in granular films containing FeCoZr nanoparticles embedded into oxygen-free dielectric matrix
JV Kasiuk, JA Fedotova, TN Koltunowicz, P Zukowski, AM Saad, ...
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 586, S432-S435, 2014
The effect of the sputtering process ambient on the magnetic state and phase composition of the film nanocomposites (Fe 0.45 Co 0.45 Zr 0.10) x (Al 2 O 3) 1− x
J Fedotova, J Kalinin, A Fedotov, A Sitnikov, I Svito, A Zaleski, ...
Hyperfine interactions 165 (1), 127-134, 2005
Dielectric properties of nanocomposite (Cu) x (SiO2)(100− x) produced by ion-beam sputtering
TN Koltunowicz, P Zukowski, K Czarnacka, V Bondariev, O Boiko, IA Svito, ...
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 652, 444-449, 2015
AC conductance of (Co0. 45Fe0. 45Zr0. 10) X (Al2O3) 1− X nanocomposites
A Saad, AK Fedotov, IA Svito, AV Mazanik, BV Andrievsky, AA Patryn, ...
Progress in solid state chemistry 34 (2-4), 139-146, 2006
Structure and magnetic properties of nanogranular composites CoFeZr-alumina
A Saad, VA Kalaev, JA Fedotova, KA Sitnikov, YE Kalinin, AK Fedotov, ...
Rev. Adv. Mater. Science 8, 14-21, 2007
Impedance and magnetization of CoFeZr nanoclusters embedded into alumina matrix
AM Saad, AK Fedotov, IA Svito, JA Fedotova, BV Andrievsky, YE Kalinin, ...
Journal of alloys and compounds 423 (1-2), 176-180, 2006
Voltage and current resonance in nanocomposite (FeCoZr) x (CaF2) 100-x produced by ion-beam sputtering in pure argon atmosphere
TN Koltunowicz, PV Zukowski, V Bondariev, AK Fedotov, IA Svito, ...
Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of Physics, 2015
Carrier transport in porous-Si/Ni/c-Si nanostructures
AK Fedotov, SL Prischepa, IA Svito, SV Redko, A Saad, AV Mazanik, ...
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 657, 21-26, 2016
Spin-polarized and normal hopping magnetoresistance in heavily doped silicon
AK Fedotov, S Prischepa, A Danilyuk, IA Svito, P Zukowski
Polish Academy of Sciences. Institute of Physics, 2014
Magnetoresistance in n-Si/SiO2/Ni nanostructures manufactured by swift heavy ion-induced modification technology
J Fedotova, D Ivanou, Y Ivanova, A Fedotov, A Mazanik, I Svito, ...
Fedotova, D. Ivanou, Yu. Ivanova, A. Fedotov, A. Mazanik, I. Svito, E …, 2011
Percolation phenomena in Cux (SiOy) 100-x nanocomposite films produced by ion beam-sputtering
TN Koltunowicz, PV Zukowski, K Czarnacka, IA Svito, AK Fedotov
Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of Physics, 2015
Gigantic Magnetoresistive Effect in n-SiSiO2Ni Nanostructures Fabricated by the Template-Assisted Electrochemical Deposition
JA Fedotova, AK Fedotov, AV Mazanik, IA Svito, A Saad, TN Koltunowicz
Simulation of polycrystalline bismuth films Seebeck coefficient based on experimental texture identification
AS Fedotov, V Shepelevich, S Poznyak, L Tsybulskaya, A Mazanik, I Svito, ...
Materials Chemistry and Physics 177, 413-416, 2016
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