Boaz Ben Moshe
Boaz Ben Moshe
Ariel University, Department of Compute Science
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A constant-factor approximation algorithm for optimal 1.5 D terrain guarding
B Ben-Moshe, MJ Katz, JSB Mitchell
SIAM Journal on Computing 36 (6), 1631-1647, 2007
Joint Cluster Analysis of Attribute Data and Relationship Data: the Connected k-Center Problem
M Ester, R Ge, BJ Gao, Z Hu, B Ben-Moshe
Proceedings of the 2006 SIAM International Conference on Data Mining, 246-257, 2006
Joint cluster analysis of attribute data and relationship data: The connected k-center problem, algorithms and applications
R Ge, M Ester, BJ Gao, Z Hu, B Bhattacharya, B Ben-Moshe
ACM Transactions on Knowledge Discovery from Data (TKDD) 2 (2), 1-35, 2008
Improving Accuracy of GNSS Devices in Urban Canyons.
B Ben-Moshe, E Elkin, H Levi, A Weissman
CCCG, 511-515, 2011
Computing the visibility graph of points within a polygon
B Ben-Moshe, O Hall-Holt, MJ Katz, JSB Mitchell
Proceedings of the twentieth annual symposium on Computational geometry, 27-35, 2004
Efficient algorithms for center problems in cactus networks
B Ben-Moshe, B Bhattacharya, Q Shi, A Tamir
Theoretical Computer Science 378 (3), 237-252, 2007
Visibility preserving terrain simplification—an experimental study
B Ben-Moshe, MJ Katz, JSB Mitchell, Y Nir
Computational Geometry 28 (2-3), 175-190, 2004
A Robust Shadow Matching Algorithm for GNSS Positioning
R Yozevitch, BB Moshe
Navigation: Journal of The Institute of Navigation 62 (2), 95-109, 2015
Covering graphs with few complete bipartite subgraphs
H Fleischner, E Mujuni, D Paulusma, S Szeider
Theoretical Computer Science 410 (21-23), 2045-2053, 2009
A real-time motion planning algorithm for a hyper-redundant set of mechanisms
N Shvalb, BB Moshe, O Medina
Robotica 31 (8), 1327-1335, 2013
Obnoxious facility location: Complete service with minimal harm
B Ben-Moshe, MJ Katz, M Segal
International Journal of Computational Geometry & Applications 10 (06), 581-592, 2000
Efficient algorithms for the weighted 2-center problem in a cactus graph
B Ben-Moshe, B Bhattacharya, Q Shi
International Symposium on Algorithms and Computation, 693-703, 2005
Liquid-development electrophotographic apparatus
Y Nakashima, A Inamoto, S Uesugi, S Moto, M Takabatake, M Ichida, ...
US Patent 6,745,002, 2004
GNSS Accuracy Improvement Using Rapid Shadow Transitions
R Yozevitch, B Ben-Moshe, A Dvir
IEEE Transactions on, Intelligent Transportation Systems 15 (3), 1113 - 1122, 2014
Device for imparting distance information
B Ben-Moshe, N Shvalb
US Patent 8,610,879, 2013
A Robust GNSS LOS/NLOS Signal Classifier
R Yozevitch, BB Moshe, A Weissman
NAVIGATION: Journal of The Institute of Navigation 63 (4), 429-442, 2016
Methods, devices, and uses for calculating a position using a global navigation satellite system
B Ben-Moshe, H Levi
US Patent 9,448,307, 2016
Automated antenna positioning algorithms for wireless fixed-access networks
Y Ben-Shimol, B Ben-Moshe, Y Ben-Yehezkel, A Dvir, M Segal
Journal of Heuristics 13 (3), 243-263, 2007
Approximating the visible region of a point on a terrain
B Ben-Moshe, P Carmi, MJ Katz
GeoInformatica 12 (1), 21-36, 2008
An optimal algorithm for the continuous/discrete weighted 2-center problem in trees
B Ben-Moshe, B Bhattacharya, Q Shi
Latin American Symposium on Theoretical Informatics, 166-177, 2006
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