Leonid Kononov (Кононов Леонид Олегович)
Leonid Kononov (Кононов Леонид Олегович)
N.D. Zelinsky Institute of Organic Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences (Институт органической
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2-Azidoethyl glycosides: glycosides potentially useful for the preparation of neoglycoconjugates
AY Chernyak, GVM Sharma, LO Kononov, PR Krishna, AB Levinsky, ...
Carbohydrate research 223, 303-309, 1992
Chemical reactivity and solution structure: on the way to a paradigm shift?
LO Kononov
RSC advances 5 (58), 46718-46734, 2015
Synthesis of ganglioside lactams corresponding to GM1-, GM2-, GM3-, and GM4-ganglioside lactones
M Wilstermann, LO Kononov, U Nilsson, AK Ray, G Magnusson
Journal of the American Chemical Society 117 (17), 4742-4754, 1995
Synthesis of 3-O-sulfoglucuronyl lacto-N-neotetraose 2-aminoethyl glycoside and biotinylated neoglycoconjugates thereof
AV Kornilov, AA Sherman, LO Kononov, AS Shashkov, NE Nifant'ev
Carbohydrate Research 329 (4), 717-730, 2000
The use of O-trifluoroacetyl protection and profound influence of the nature of glycosyl acceptor in benzyl-free arabinofuranosylation
PI Abronina, KG Fedina, NM Podvalnyy, AI Zinin, AO Chizhov, ...
Carbohydrate research 396, 25-36, 2014
Conjugates of polyhedral boron compounds with carbohydrates. 4. hydrolytic stability of carborane–lactose conjugates depends on the structure of a spacer between the carborane …
AV Orlova, LO Kononov, BG Kimel, IB Sivaev, VI Bregadze
Applied organometallic chemistry 20 (6), 416-420, 2006
Selectin Receptors 4: Synthesis of Tetrasaccharides Sialyl Lewis A and Sialyl Lewis X Containing A Spacer Group1, 2
NE Nifant'ev, YE Tsvetkov, AS Shashkov, LO Kononov, VM Menshov, ...
Journal of carbohydrate chemistry 15 (8), 939-953, 1996
Synthesis of a polymer-supported sialic acid glycosyl donor
LO Kononov, Y Ito, T Ogawa
Tetrahedron letters 38 (9), 1599-1602, 1997
Structure and epitope specificity of the O‐specific polysaccharide of Proteus penneri strain 12 (ATCC 33519) containing the amide of D‐galacturonic acid with L‐threonine
Z Sidorczyk, A Swierzko, YA Knkel, EV Vinogradov, AY Chernyak, ...
European journal of biochemistry 230 (2), 713-721, 1995
Concentration dependence of glycosylation outcome: a clue to reproducibility and understanding the reasons behind
LO Kononov, NN Malysheva, AV Orlova, AI Zinin, TV Laptinskaya, ...
European Journal of Organic Chemistry 2012 (10), 1926-1934, 2012
Synthesis of novel derivatives of closo‐dodecaborate anion with azido group at the terminal position of the spacer
AV Orlova, NN Kondakov, BG Kimel, LO Kononov, EG Kononova, ...
Applied organometallic chemistry 21 (2), 98-100, 2007
Bimodal concentration-dependent reactivity pattern of a glycosyl donor: Is the solution structure involved?
LO Kononov, KG Fedina, AV Orlova, NN Kondakov, PI Abronina, ...
Carbohydrate Research 437, 28-35, 2016
Polarimetry as a Tool for the Study of Solutions of Chiral Solutes
AV Orlova, RR Andrade, CO da Silva, AI Zinin, LO Kononov
ChemPhysChem 15 (1), 195-207, 2014
Synthesis of Neoglycoconjugates
G Magnusson, AY Chernyak, J Kihlberg, LO Kononov
Neoglycoconjugates. Preparation and Applications, Edited by YC Lee and RT …, 1994
Pectin–glycerol gel beads: Preparation, characterization and swelling behaviour
FV Vityazev, DS Khramova, NY Saveliev, EA Ipatova, AA Burkov, ...
Carbohydrate polymers 238, 116166, 2020
Structure and Epitope Characterisation of the O‐specific Polysaccharide of Proteus mirabilis O28 Containing Amides of d‐galacturonic Acid with l‐serine and l‐lysine
J Radziejewska‐Lebrecht, AS Shashkov, EV Vinogradov, H Grosskurth, ...
European journal of biochemistry 230 (2), 705-712, 1995
N, N-Diacetylsialyl chloride—a novel readily accessible sialyl donor in reactions with neutral and charged nucleophiles in the absence of a promoter
AV Orlova, AM Shpirt, NY Kulikova, LO Kononov
Carbohydrate research 345 (6), 721-730, 2010
Synthesis of Methyl and Allyl alpha-Glycosides of N-Acetylneuraminic Acid in the Absence of Added Promoter
LO Kononov, G Magnusson
Acta Chemica Scandinavica 52, 141-144, 1998
Novel benzyl-free glycosyl donors for highly stereoselective 1, 2-cis-fucosylation
PI Abronina, AI Zinin, DA Romashin, NN Malysheva, AO Chizhov, ...
Synlett 26 (16), 2267-2271, 2015
Conjugates of polyhedral boron compounds with carbohydrates. 2. Unexpected easy closo-to nido-transformation of a carborane–carbohydrate conjugate in neutral aqueous solution
LO Kononov, AV Orlova, AI Zinin, BG Kimel, IB Sivaev, VI Bregadze
Journal of organometallic chemistry 690 (11), 2769-2774, 2005
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