Tommaso Fedele
Tommaso Fedele
HSE, Moscow, Russia
Подтвержден адрес электронной почты в домене
Monochromatic Ultra-Slow (~ 0.1 Hz) Oscillations in the human electroencephalogram and their relation to hemodynamics
VV Nikulin, T Fedele, J Mehnert, A Lipp, C Noack, J Steinbrink, G Curio
Neuroimage 97, 71-80, 2014
Automatic detection of high frequency oscillations during epilepsy surgery predicts seizure outcome
T Fedele, M van’t Klooster, S Burnos, W Zweiphenning, N van Klink, ...
Clinical Neurophysiology 127 (9), 3066-3074, 2016
Magnetic resonance imaging at frequencies below 1 kHz
I Hilschenz, R Körber, HJ Scheer, T Fedele, HH Albrecht, AM Cassará, ...
Magnetic resonance imaging 31 (2), 171-177, 2013
Towards non-invasive multi-unit spike recordings: Mapping 1 kHz EEG signals over human somatosensory cortex
T Fedele, HJ Scheer, G Waterstraat, B Telenczuk, M Burghoff, G Curio
Clinical Neurophysiology 123 (12), 2370-2376, 2012
Ultra-low-noise EEG/MEG systems enable bimodal non-invasive detection of spike-like human somatosensory evoked responses at 1 kHz
T Fedele, HJ Scheer, M Burghoff, G Curio, R Körber
Physiological measurement 36 (2), 357, 2015
Resection of high frequency oscillations predicts seizure outcome in the individual patient
T Fedele, S Burnos, E Boran, N Krayenbühl, P Hilfiker, T Grunwald, ...
Scientific reports 7 (1), 13836, 2017
Extension of non-invasive EEG into the kHz range for evoked thalamocortical activity by means of very low noise amplifiers
HJ Scheer, T Fedele, G Curio, M Burghoff
Physiological measurement 32 (12), N73, 2011
Are high-frequency (600 Hz) oscillations in human somatosensory evoked potentials due to phase-resetting phenomena?
G Waterstraat, B Telenczuk, M Burghoff, T Fedele, HJ Scheer, G Curio
Clinical Neurophysiology 123 (10), 2064-2073, 2012
Pre-stimulus alpha oscillations and inter-subject variability of motor evoked potentials in single-and paired-pulse TMS paradigms
Z Iscan, M Nazarova, T Fedele, E Blagovechtchenski, VV Nikulin
Frontiers in human neuroscience 10, 504, 2016
Long-range temporal correlations in the amplitude of alpha oscillations predict and reflect strength of intracortical facilitation: combined TMS and EEG study
T Fedele, E Blagovechtchenski, M Nazarova, Z Iscan, V Moiseeva, ...
Neuroscience 331, 109-119, 2016
Prediction of seizure outcome improved by fast ripples detected in low-noise intraoperative corticogram
T Fedele, G Ramantani, S Burnos, P Hilfiker, G Curio, T Grunwald, ...
Clinical Neurophysiology 128 (7), 1220-1226, 2017
Recording human cortical population spikes non-invasively–An EEG tutorial
G Waterstraat, T Fedele, M Burghoff, HJ Scheer, G Curio
Journal of neuroscience methods 250, 74-84, 2015
Non-invasive single-trial EEG detection of evoked human neocortical population spikes
G Waterstraat, M Burghoff, T Fedele, V Nikulin, HJ Scheer, G Curio
Neuroimage 105, 13-20, 2015
Detectability of the somatosensory evoked high frequency oscillation (HFO) co-recorded by scalp EEG and ECoG under propofol
S Burnos, T Fedele, O Schmid, N Krayenbühl, J Sarnthein
NeuroImage: Clinical 10, 318-325, 2016
Distinction between added-energy and phase-resetting mechanisms in non-invasively detected somatosensory evoked responses
T Fedele, HJ Scheer, M Burghoff, G Waterstraat, VV Nikulin, G Curio
2013 35th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in …, 2013
Intraoperative subdural low-noise EEG recording of the high frequency oscillation in the somatosensory evoked potential
T Fedele, C Schönenberger, G Curio, C Serra, N Krayenbühl, J Sarnthein
Clinical Neurophysiology 128 (10), 1851-1857, 2017
High Frequency Electroencephalography (hf-EEG): Non-invasive Detection of Spike Related Brain Activity
T Fedele
Technische Universität Berlin, 2014
Correlation of cue-locked FRN and feedback-locked FRN in the auditory monetary incentive delay task
E Krugliakova, V Klucharev, T Fedele, A Gorin, A Kuznetsova, ...
Experimental brain research 236 (1), 141-151, 2018
P57 High Frequency Oscillations in scalp EEG to monitor therapy in the individual patient
E Boran, G Ramantani, N Krayenbühl, J Sarnthein, T Fedele
Clinical Neurophysiology 130 (8), e169, 2019
FV 24 High density ECoG improves detection of high frequency oscillations that predict seizure outcome
E Boran, G Ramantani, N Krayenbühl, T Fedele, J Sarnthein
Clinical Neurophysiology 130 (8), e133, 2019
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