Felix E. Fernandez
Felix E. Fernandez
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Light-induced ultrafast phase transitions in VO2 thin film
S Lysenko, AJ Rua, V Vikhnin, J Jimenez, F Fernandez, H Liu
Applied Surface Science 252 (15), 5512-5515, 2006
Bending in -coated microcantilevers suitable for thermally activated actuators
A Rúa, FE Fernández, N Sepúlveda
Journal of Applied Physics 107 (7), 074506, 2010
Insulator-to-metal phase transition and recovery processes in V O 2 thin films after femtosecond laser excitation
S Lysenko, A Rúa, V Vikhnin, F Fernández, H Liu
Physical Review B 76 (3), 035104, 2007
Energy transfer from the host to Eu3+ in ZnO
W Jia, K Monge, F Fernandez
Optical Materials 23 (1-2), 27-32, 2003
Optoelectronic and all-optical multiple memory states in vanadium dioxide
H Coy, R Cabrera, N Sepúlveda, FE Fernández
Journal of Applied Physics 108 (11), 113115, 2010
Photoinduced insulator-to-metal phase transition in V O 2 crystalline films and model of dielectric susceptibility
S Lysenko, V Vikhnin, F Fernandez, A Rua, H Liu
Physical Review B 75 (7), 075109, 2007
Effects of compositional phase transitions on luminescence of Sr1− xCaxTiO3: Pr3+
W Jia, W Xu, I Rivera, A Pérez, F Fernández
Solid state communications 126 (3), 153-157, 2003
Maximizing the performance of photothermal actuators by combining smart materials with supplementary advantages
T Wang, D Torres, FE Fernández, C Wang, N Sepúlveda
Science advances 3 (4), e1602697, 2017
Phase transition behavior in microcantilevers coated with M1-phase VO2 and M2-phase VO2:Cr thin films
A Rúa, R Cabrera, H Coy, E Merced, N Sepúlveda, FE Fernández
Journal of Applied Physics 111 (10), 104502, 2012
Irradiation-induced luminescence enhancement effect of ZnS: Mn 2+ nanoparticles in polymer films
J Yu, H Liu, Y Wang, FE Fernandez, W Jia, L Sun, C Jin, D Li, J Liu, ...
Optics letters 22 (12), 913-915, 1997
Increasing efficiency, speed, and responsivity of vanadium dioxide based photothermally driven actuators using single-wall carbon nanotube thin-films
T Wang, D Torres, FE Fernández, AJ Green, C Wang, N Sepúlveda
ACS nano 9 (4), 4371-4378, 2015
Young’s modulus of thin films as a function of temperature including insulator-to-metal transition regime
N Sepúlveda, A Rúa, R Cabrera, F Fernández
Applied Physics Letters 92 (19), 191913, 2008
Critical behavior and size effects in light-induced transition of nanostructured VO 2 films
S Lysenko, V Vikhnin, A Rúa, F Fernández, H Liu
Physical Review B 82 (20), 205425, 2010
Dynamics of photothermally driven VO2-coated microcantilevers
R Cabrera, E Merced, N Sepúlveda, FE Fernández
Journal of Applied Physics 110 (9), 094510, 2011
Photoluminescence of Ce3+, Tb3+: Y2O3 nanoclusters embedded in SiO2 sol–gel glasses
W Jia, Y Wang, F Fernandez, X Wang, S Huang, WM Yen
Materials Science and Engineering: C 16 (1-2), 55-58, 2001
Molecular-beam epitaxy growth and nitrogen doping of alloys grown on InP substrates
W Lin, BX Yang, SP Guo, A Elmoumni, F Fernandez, MC Tamargo
Applied physics letters 75 (17), 2608-2610, 1999
Photothermal actuation of v o2: Cr-coated microcantilevers in air and aqueous media
E Merced, N Dávila, D Torres, R Cabrera, FE Fernández, N Sepúlveda
Smart materials and structures 21 (10), 105009, 2012
Optical nonlinearity and structural dynamics of films
S Lysenko, A Rua, F Fernandez, H Liu
Journal of Applied Physics 105 (4), 043502, 2009
Optical properties of ZnS: Mn2+ nanoparticles in polymer films
J Yu, H Liu, Y Wang, FE Fernandez, W Jia
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Excited state dynamics and semiconductor-to-metallic phase transition of VO2 thin film
H Liu, O Vasquez, VR Santiago, L Dıaz, FE Fernandez
Journal of luminescence 108 (1-4), 233-238, 2004
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