Paul M Lukacs
Paul M Lukacs
Wildlife Biology Program, University of Montana
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Model selection bias and Freedman’s paradox
PM Lukacs, KP Burnham, DR Anderson
Annals of the Institute of Statistical Mathematics 62 (1), 117-125, 2010
Review of capture–recapture methods applicable to noninvasive genetic sampling
PM Lukacs, KP Burnham
Molecular ecology 14 (13), 3909-3919, 2005
Machine learning to classify animal species in camera trap images: applications in ecology
MA Tabak, MS Norouzzadeh, DW Wolfson, SJ Sweeney, KC VerCauteren, ...
Methods in Ecology and Evolution 10 (4), 585-590, 2019
Camouflage mismatch in seasonal coat color due to decreased snow duration
LS Mills, M Zimova, J Oyler, S Running, JT Abatzoglou, PM Lukacs
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 110 (18), 7360-7365, 2013
Estimating population size from DNA-based closed capture–recapture data incorporating genotyping error
PM Lukacs, KP Burnham
Journal of Wildlife Management 69 (1), 396-403, 2005
Concerns regarding a call for pluralism of information theory and hypothesis testing
PM Lukacs, WL Thompson, WL Kendall, WR Gould, PF Doherty Jr, ...
Journal of Applied Ecology 44 (2), 456-460, 2007
Lions and prions and deer demise
MW Miller, HM Swanson, LL Wolfe, FG Quartarone, SL Huwer, ...
PLoS one 3 (12), e4019, 2008
Three novel methods to estimate abundance of unmarked animals using remote cameras
AK Moeller, PM Lukacs, JS Horne
Ecosphere 9 (8), e02331, 2018
Epidemic pasteurellosis in a bighorn sheep population coinciding with the appearance of a domestic sheep
JL George, DJ Martin, PM Lukacs, MW Miller
Journal of Wildlife Diseases 44 (2), 388-403, 2008
Relative influence of human harvest, carnivores, and weather on adult female elk survival across western North America
J Brodie, H Johnson, M Mitchell, P Zager, K Proffitt, M Hebblewhite, ...
Journal of Applied Ecology 50 (2), 295-305, 2013
Hierarchical multi‐scale occupancy estimation for monitoring wildlife populations
DC Pavlacky Jr, JA Blakesley, GC White, DJ Hanni, PM Lukacs
The Journal of Wildlife Management 76 (1), 154-162, 2012
Sampling scales define occupancy and underlying occupancy–abundance relationships in animals
R Steenweg, M Hebblewhite, J Whittington, P Lukacs, K McKelvey
Ecology 99 (1), 172-183, 2018
Effects of radiomarking on prairie falcons: attachment failures provide insights about survival
K Steenhof, KK Bates, MR Fuller, MN Kochert, JO McKINLEY, PM Lukacs
Wildlife Society Bulletin 34 (1), 116-126, 2006
Noninvasive estimation of black bear abundance incorporating genotyping errors and harvested bear
BP Dreher, SR Winterstein, KT Scribner, PM Lukacs, DR Etter, GJM Rosa, ...
Journal of Wildlife Management 71 (8), 2684-2693, 2007
Camera-based occupancy monitoring at large scales: Power to detect trends in grizzly bears across the Canadian Rockies
R Steenweg, J Whittington, M Hebblewhite, A Forshner, B Johnston, ...
Biological Conservation 201, 192-200, 2016
Snowshoe hares display limited phenotypic plasticity to mismatch in seasonal camouflage
M Zimova, LS Mills, PM Lukacs, MS Mitchell
Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B: Biological Sciences 281 (1782 …, 2014
Estimating large carnivore populations at global scale based on spatial predictions of density and distribution–Application to the jaguar (Panthera onca)
W Jędrzejewski, HS Robinson, M Abarca, KA Zeller, G Velasquez, ...
PloS one 13 (3), e0194719, 2018
Effects of recent decreases in arctic sea ice on an ice-associated marine bird
GJ Divoky, PM Lukacs, ML Druckenmiller
Progress in Oceanography 136, 151-161, 2015
Evaluating the Canada lynx reintroduction programme in Colorado: patterns in mortality
O Devineau, TM Shenk, GC White, PF Doherty Jr, PM Lukacs, RH Kahn
Journal of applied ecology 47 (3), 524-531, 2010
Evaluating dependence among mule deer siblings in fetal and neonatal survival analyses
CJ Bishop, GC White, PM Lukacs
Journal of Wildlife Management 72 (5), 1085-1093, 2008
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