Kyoung-Youm Kim
Kyoung-Youm Kim
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Role of magnetic induction currents in nanoslit excitation of surface plasmon polaritons
SY Lee, IM Lee, J Park, S Oh, W Lee, KY Kim, B Lee
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Trapping light in plasmonic waveguides
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Plasmonic meta-slit: shaping and controlling near-field focus
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Dual airy beam
CY Hwang, D Choi, KY Kim, B Lee
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Keypad with light guide layer, keypad assembly and portable terminal
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Optical modeling and analysis of organic solar cells with coherent multilayers and incoherent glass substrate using generalized transfer matrix method
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Bessel-like beam generation by superposing multiple Airy beams
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Keypad with light guide layer, keypad assembly and portable terminal
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Bragg grating-assisted WDM filter for integrated optical triplexer transceivers
JH Song, JH Lim, RK Kim, KS Lee, KY Kim, J Cho, D Han, S Jung, Y Oh, ...
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On the high order numerical calculation schemes for the Wigner transport equation
KY Kim, B Lee
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Time reversal and the spin angular momentum of transverse-electric and transverse-magnetic surface modes
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Complete tunneling of light through impedance-mismatched barrier layers
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Photon tunneling in composite layers of negative-and positive-index media
KY Kim
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Thin film filter-embedded triplexing-filters based on directional couplers for FTTH networks
JH Song, KY Kim, J Cho, D Han, J Lee, YS Lee, S Jung, Y Oh, DH Jang, ...
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Dynamic control of circular Airy beams with linear optical potentials
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Key pad and keypad assembly
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Transmission coefficient of an electron through a heterostructure barrier grown on anisotropic materials
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Effect of finite metallic grating size on Rayleigh anomaly-surface plasmon polariton resonances
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Slow non-dispersing wavepackets
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Wigner-function formulation in anisotropic semiconductor quantum wells
KY Kim, B Lee
Physical Review B 64 (11), 115304, 2001
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