Samuel Graham
Samuel Graham
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A universal method to produce low–work function electrodes for organic electronics
Y Zhou, C Fuentes-Hernandez, J Shim, J Meyer, AJ Giordano, H Li, ...
Science 336 (6079), 327-332, 2012
Ultrawide‐bandgap semiconductors: research opportunities and challenges
JY Tsao, S Chowdhury, MA Hollis, D Jena, NM Johnson, KA Jones, ...
Advanced Electronic Materials 4 (1), 1600501, 2018
Thermal effects in packaging high power light emitting diode arrays
A Christensen, S Graham
Applied thermal engineering 29 (2-3), 364-371, 2009
Electrical, thermal, and mechanical characterization of silicon microcantilever heaters
J Lee, T Beechem, TL Wright, BA Nelson, S Graham, WP King
Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems 15 (6), 1644-1655, 2006
Stability of doped transparent carbon nanotube electrodes
R Jackson, B Domercq, R Jain, B Kippelen, S Graham
Advanced Functional Materials 18 (17), 2548-2554, 2008
Controlled Doping of Large‐Area Trilayer MoS2 with Molecular Reductants and Oxidants
A Tarasov, S Zhang, MY Tsai, PM Campbell, S Graham, S Barlow, ...
Advanced Materials 27 (7), 1175-1181, 2015
Highly tunable molecular sieving and adsorption properties of mixed-linker zeolitic imidazolate frameworks
K Eum, KC Jayachandrababu, F Rashidi, K Zhang, J Leisen, S Graham, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 137 (12), 4191-4197, 2015
Invited Article: Simultaneous mapping of temperature and stress in microdevices using micro-Raman spectroscopy
T Beechem, S Graham, SP Kearney, LM Phinney, JR Serrano
Review of Scientific Instruments 78 (6), 061301, 2007
Development of a thermal resistance model for chip-on-board packaging of high power LED arrays
M Ha, S Graham
Microelectronics Reliability 52 (5), 836-844, 2012
Void growth in 6061-aluminum alloy under triaxial stress state
H Agarwal, AM Gokhale, S Graham, MF Horstemeyer
Materials Science and Engineering: A 341 (1-2), 35-42, 2003
Influence of interfacial mixing on thermal boundary conductance across a chromium/silicon interface
PE Hopkins, PM Norris, RJ Stevens, TE Beechem, S Graham
Journal of Heat Transfer 130 (6), 2008
A practical extension of the method to multilayer structures
BW Olson, S Graham, K Chen
Review of Scientific Instruments 76 (5), 053901, 2005
Role of interface disorder on thermal boundary conductance using a virtual crystal approach
T Beechem, S Graham, P Hopkins, P Norris
Applied Physics Letters 90 (5), 054104, 2007
Solution-based electrical doping of semiconducting polymer films over a limited depth
VA Kolesov, C Fuentes-Hernandez, WF Chou, N Aizawa, FA Larrain, ...
Nature Materials 16 (4), 474-480, 2017
Elastomer–polymer semiconductor blends for high-performance stretchable charge transport networks
D Choi, H Kim, N Persson, PH Chu, M Chang, JH Kang, S Graham, ...
Chemistry of Materials 28 (4), 1196-1204, 2016
A metallization and bonding approach for high performance carbon nanotube thermal interface materials
R Cross, BA Cola, T Fisher, X Xu, K Gall, S Graham
Nanotechnology 21 (44), 445705, 2010
A hybrid encapsulation method for organic electronics
N Kim, WJ Potscavage Jr, B Domercq, B Kippelen, S Graham
Applied Physics Letters 94 (16), 119, 2009
Highly uniform trilayer molybdenum disulfide for wafer‐scale device fabrication
A Tarasov, PM Campbell, MY Tsai, ZR Hesabi, J Feirer, S Graham, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 24 (40), 6389-6400, 2014
Stability of inverted organic solar cells with ZnO contact layers deposited from precursor solutions
BA MacLeod, BJT De Villers, P Schulz, PF Ndione, H Kim, AJ Giordano, ...
Energy & Environmental Science 8 (2), 592-601, 2015
Thermal analysis of near-isothermal compressed gas energy storage system
A Odukomaiya, A Abu-Heiba, KR Gluesenkamp, O Abdelaziz, ...
Applied energy 179, 948-960, 2016
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