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Boris Shulgin
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Pulse vaccination strategy in the SIR epidemic model
B Shulgin, L Stone, Z Agur
Bulletin of Mathematical Biology 60 (6), 1123-1148, 1998
Theoretical examination of the pulse vaccination policy in the SIR epidemic model
L Stone, B Shulgin, Z Agur
Mathematical and computer modelling 31 (4-5), 207-215, 2000
Mean switching frequency locking in stochastic bistable systems driven by a periodic force
B Shulgin, A Neiman, V Anishchenko
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Design principles underlying circadian clocks
DA Rand, BV Shulgin, D Salazar, AJ Millar
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Dynamical entropies applied to stochastic resonance
A Neiman, B Shulgin, V Anishchenko, W Ebeling, L Schimansky-Geier, ...
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Synchronization of noisy systems by stochastic signals
A Neiman, L Schimansky-Geier, F Moss, B Shulgin, JJ Collins
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Uncovering the design principles of circadian clocks: mathematical analysis of flexibility and evolutionary goals
DA Rand, BV Shulgin, JD Salazar, AJ Millar
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Controlled movement and suppression of spiral waves in excitable media
GV Osipov, BV Shulgin, JJ Collins
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Noise induced order: Stochastic resonance
L Schimansky-Geier, JA Freund, AB Neiman, B Shulgin
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PeTTSy: a computational tool for perturbation analysis of complex systems biology models
M Domijan, PE Brown, BV Shulgin, DA Rand
BMC bioinformatics 17 (1), 124, 2016
A generic mechanism for enhanced cytokine signaling via cytokine-neutralizing antibodies
B Shulgin, G Helmlinger, Y Kosinsky
PloS one 11 (2), 2016
Dose dependence of treatment-related adverse events for immune checkpoint inhibitor therapies: a model-based meta-analysis
B Shulgin, Y Kosinsky, A Omelchenko, L Chu, G Mugundu, S Aksenov, ...
OncoImmunology 9 (1), 1748982, 2020
Stochastic resonance in passive and active electronic circuits
VS Anishchenko, IA Khovanov, BV Shulgin
AIP Conference Proceedings 375 (1), 363-381, 1996
Multiprojector image distortion correction scheme for curved screens on the example of the Cybersphere
BV Shulgin, J Ye, VH Raja
Stereoscopic Displays and Virtual Reality Systems XIII 6055, 60551P, 2006
Stochastic beamforming for cochlear implant coding
RP Morse, SD Holmes, B Shulgin, A Nikitin, NG Stocks
Noise and Fluctuations in Biological, Biophysical, and Biomedical Systems …, 2007
Model-based meta-analysis of safety for immune checkpoint inhibitor combinations and monotherapy.
K Abdallah, B Shulgin, K Peskov, Y Kosinsky, A Vergara-Silva, ...
Journal of Clinical Oncology 35 (7_suppl), 89-89, 2017
Comparative quantitative safety profiles of PD-1 and PD-L1 checkpoint inhibitor monotherapies: A Bayesian model-based meta-analysis.
B Shulgin, A Smirnova, Y Kosinsky, G Helmlinger, K Peskov
Journal of Clinical Oncology 38 (15_suppl), e15167-e15167, 2020
Quantification of dose dependence and frequency of checkpoint inhibitor immune-mediated adverse events: A Bayesian model-based meta-analysis.
B Shulgin, Y Kosinsky, A Smirnova, G Helmlinger, K Peskov
Journal of Clinical Oncology 38 (5_suppl), 83-83, 2020
Using Bayesian model-based meta-analysis for studying safety of PD-1 and CTLA-4 inhibitors monotherapies and their combination
A Smirnova, B Shulgin, Y Kosinsky, K Peskov
Mathematical modelling in biomedicine, 83-83, 2019
Cochlear Implant Coding with Stochastic Beamforming and Suprathreshold Stochastic Resonance
NG Stocks, B Shulgin, SD Holmes, A Nikitin, RP Morse
Applications of Nonlinear Dynamics, 237-248, 2009
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