Matteo Camporese
Matteo Camporese
Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile, Edile e Ambientale - Università degli Studi di Padova
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An overview of current applications, challenges, and future trends in distributed process-based models in hydrology
S Fatichi, ER Vivoni, FL Ogden, VY Ivanov, B Mirus, D Gochis, ...
Journal of Hydrology 537, 45-60, 2016
Surface‐subsurface flow modeling with path‐based runoff routing, boundary condition‐based coupling, and assimilation of multisource observation data
M Camporese, C Paniconi, M Putti, S Orlandini
Water Resources Research 46 (2), 2010
Distributed optical fibre sensing for early detection of shallow landslides triggering
L Schenato, L Palmieri, M Camporese, S Bersan, S Cola, A Pasuto, ...
Scientific Reports 7 (1), 14686, 2017
Ensemble Kalman filter data assimilation for a process‐based catchment scale model of surface and subsurface flow
M Camporese, C Paniconi, M Putti, P Salandin
Water Resources Research 45 (10), 2009
Peat land oxidation enhances subsidence in the Venice watershed
G Gambolati, M Putti, P Teatini, M Camporese, S Ferraris, GG Stori, ...
Eos, Transactions American Geophysical Union 86 (23), 217-220, 2005
Hydrological modeling in swelling/shrinking peat soils
M Camporese, S Ferraris, M Putti, P Salandin, P Teatini
Water resources research 42 (6), 2006
Ensemble Kalman filter versus ensemble smoother for assessing hydraulic conductivity via tracer test data assimilation
E Crestani, M Camporese, D Baú, P Salandin
Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 17 (4), 1517-1531, 2013
Ensemble Kalman filter versus particle filter for a physically-based coupled surface–subsurface model
D Pasetto, M Camporese, M Putti
Advances in water resources 47, 1-13, 2012
Impact of grid resolution on the integrated and distributed response of a coupled surface–subsurface hydrological model for the des Anglais catchment, Quebec
M Sulis, C Paniconi, M Camporese
Hydrological Processes 25 (12), 1853-1865, 2011
Design and performance of a nozzle-type rainfall simulator for landslide triggering experiments
M Lora, M Camporese, P Salandin
Catena 140, 77-89, 2016
Coupled and uncoupled hydrogeophysical inversions using ensemble K alman filter assimilation of ERT‐monitored tracer test data
M Camporese, G Cassiani, R Deiana, P Salandin, A Binley
Water Resources Research 51 (5), 3277-3291, 2015
Intraseasonal drainage network dynamics in a headwater catchment of the Italian Alps
N Durighetto, F Vingiani, LE Bertassello, M Camporese, G Botter
Water Resources Research 56 (4), e2019WR025563, 2020
A field and modeling study of nonlinear storage‐discharge dynamics for an Alpine headwater catchment
M Camporese, D Penna, M Borga, C Paniconi
Water Resources Research 50 (2), 806-822, 2014
Assessment of local hydraulic properties from electrical resistivity tomography monitoring of a three‐dimensional synthetic tracer test experiment
M Camporese, G Cassiani, R Deiana, P Salandin
Water Resources Research 47 (12), 2011
A modeling study of heterogeneity and surface water-groundwater interactions in the Thomas Brook catchment, Annapolis Valley (Nova Scotia, Canada)
MJ Gauthier, M Camporese, C Rivard, C Paniconi, M Larocque
Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 13 (9), 1583-1596, 2009
Identification of high-permeability subsurface structures with multiple point geostatistics and normal score ensemble Kalman filter
F Zovi, M Camporese, HJH Franssen, JA Huisman, P Salandin
Journal of Hydrology 548, 208-224, 2017
Simplified modeling of catchment-scale evapotranspiration via boundary condition switching
M Camporese, E Daly, PE Dresel, JA Webb
Advances in water resources 69, 95-105, 2014
Rainfall‐triggered shallow landslides: infiltration dynamics in a physical hillslope model
M Lora, M Camporese, PA Troch, P Salandin
Hydrological Processes 30 (18), 3239-3251, 2016
Machine learning vs. physics-based modeling for real-time irrigation management
SJ Gumiere, M Camporese, A Botto, JA Lafond, C Paniconi, J Gallichand, ...
Frontiers in Water 2, 8, 2020
Fill and spill hillslope runoff representation with a Richards equation‐based model
M Camporese, C Paniconi, M Putti, JJ McDonnell
Water Resources Research 55 (11), 8445-8462, 2019
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