Eva Chatzinikolaou
Eva Chatzinikolaou
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Macroalgal blooms alter community structure and primary productivity in marine ecosystems
DA Lyons, C Arvanitidis, AJ Blight, E Chatzinikolaou, T Guy‐Haim, J Kotta, ...
Global change biology 20 (9), 2712-2724, 2014
The GEO handbook on biodiversity observation networks
M Walters, RJ Scholes
Springer Nature, 2017
Building capacity in biodiversity monitoring at the global scale
DS Schmeller, M Böhm, C Arvanitidis, S Barber-Meyer, N Brummitt, ...
Biodiversity and conservation 26, 2765-2790, 2017
Diverse effects of invasive ecosystem engineers on marine biodiversity and ecosystem functions: A global review and meta‐analysis
T Guy‐Haim, DA Lyons, J Kotta, H Ojaveer, AM Queirós, E Chatzinikolaou, ...
Global Change Biology 24 (3), 906-924, 2018
Polytraits: A database on biological traits of marine polychaetes
MS Faulwetter, MV Markantonatou, MC Pavloudi, N Papageorgiou, ...
Biodiversity data journal, 2014
Ecological impacts of invading seaweeds: a meta‐analysis of their effects at different trophic levels
E Maggi, L Benedetti‐Cecchi, A Castelli, E Chatzinikolaou, TP Crowe, ...
Diversity and distributions 21 (1), 1-12, 2015
Projecting changes in the distribution and productivity of living marine resources: a critical review of the suite of modelling approaches used in the large European project …
MA Peck, C Arvanitidis, M Butenschön, DM Canu, E Chatzinikolaou, ...
Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 201, 40-55, 2018
Cryopreservation of marine microalgae and potential toxicity of cryoprotectants to the primary steps of the aquacultural food chain
I Tzovenis, G Triantafyllidis, X Naihong, E Chatzinikolaou, ...
Aquaculture 230, 457-473, 2004
Micro-computed tomography for natural history specimens: a handbook of best practice protocols
K Keklikoglou, S Faulwetter, E Chatzinikolaou, P Wils, J Brecko, J Kvaček, ...
European Journal of Taxonomy, 2019
Imposex and organotin compounds in ports of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic: is the story over?
TI Anastasiou, E Chatzinikolaou, M Mandalakis, C Arvanitidis
Science of the Total Environment 569, 1315-1329, 2016
Spatio-temporal benthic biodiversity patterns and pollution pressure in three Mediterranean touristic ports
E Chatzinikolaou, M Mandalakis, P Damianidis, T Dailianis, S Gambineri, ...
Science of the total environment 624, 648-660, 2018
A marine biodiversity observation network for genetic monitoring of hard-bottom communities (ARMS-MBON)
M Obst, K Exter, AL Allcock, C Arvanitidis, A Axberg, M Bustamante, ...
Frontiers in Marine Science 7, 572680, 2020
Age and growth of the naticid gastropod Polinices pulchellus (Gastropoda: Naticidae) based on length frequency analysis and statolith growth rings
CA Richardson, PR Kingsley-Smith, R Seed, E Chatzinikolaou
Marine Biology 148, 319-326, 2005
Evaluating growth and age of netted whelk Nassarius reticulatus (Gastropoda: Nassariidae) using statolith growth rings
E Chatzinikolaou, CA Richardson
Marine Ecology Progress Series 342, 163-176, 2007
The combined effects of reduced pH and elevated temperature on the shell density of two gastropod species measured using micro-CT imaging
E Chatzinikolaou, P Grigoriou, K Keklikoglou, S Faulwetter, ...
ICES Journal of Marine Science 74 (4), 1135-1149, 2017
Population dynamics and growth of Nassarius reticulatus (Gastropoda: Nassariidae) in Rhosneigr (Anglesey, UK)
E Chatzinikolaou, CA Richardson
Marine Biology 153, 605-619, 2008
Engaging the broader community in biodiversity research: the concept of the COMBER pilot project for divers in ViBRANT
C Arvanitidis, S Faulwetter, G Chatzigeorgiou, L Penev, O Bánki, ...
ZooKeys, 211, 2011
Conflicts in some of the World harbours: what needs to happen next?
S Pearson, W Windupranata, SW Pranowo, A Putri, Y Ma, A Vila-Concejo, ...
Maritime Studies 15, 1-23, 2016
Benthic prokaryotic community response to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon chronic exposure: Importance of emission sources in Mediterranean ports
F Vitali, M Mandalakis, E Chatzinikolaou, T Dailianis, G Senatore, ...
Frontiers in Marine Science 6, 590, 2019
Optimized R functions for analysis of ecological community data using the R virtual laboratory (RvLab)
C Varsos, T Patkos, A Oulas, C Pavloudi, A Gougousis, UZ Ijaz, ...
Biodiversity data journal, 2016
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