Daniel Petras
Daniel Petras
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Reproducible, interactive, scalable and extensible microbiome data science using QIIME 2
E Bolyen, JR Rideout, MR Dillon, NA Bokulich, CC Abnet, GA Al-Ghalith, ...
Nature biotechnology 37 (8), 852-857, 2019
Minimum information about a biosynthetic gene cluster
MH Medema, R Kottmann, P Yilmaz, M Cummings, JB Biggins, K Blin, ...
Nature chemical biology 11 (9), 625-631, 2015
Snake venomics of African spitting cobras: toxin composition and assessment of congeneric cross-reactivity of the pan-African EchiTAb-Plus-ICP antivenom by antivenomics and …
D Petras, L Sanz, A Segura, M Herrera, M Villalta, D Solano, M Vargas, ...
Journal of proteome research 10 (3), 1266-1280, 2011
Feature-based molecular networking in the GNPS analysis environment
LF Nothias, D Petras, R Schmid, K Dührkop, J Rainer, A Sarvepalli, ...
Nature methods 17 (9), 905-908, 2020
The gyrase inhibitor albicidin consists of p-aminobenzoic acids and cyanoalanine
S Cociancich, A Pesic, D Petras, S Uhlmann, J Kretz, V Schubert, ...
Nature chemical biology 11 (3), 195-197, 2015
Significance estimation for large scale metabolomics annotations by spectral matching
K Scheubert, F Hufsky, D Petras, M Wang, LF Nothias, K Dührkop, ...
Nature Communications 8 (1494), 2017
Venom Proteomics of Indonesian King Cobra, Ophiophagus hannah: Integrating Top-Down and Bottom-Up Approaches
D Petras, P Heiss, RD Süssmuth, JJ Calvete
Journal of proteome research 14 (6), 2539-2556, 2015
Reproducible molecular networking of untargeted mass spectrometry data using GNPS
AT Aron, EC Gentry, KL McPhail, LF Nothias, M Nothias-Esposito, ...
Nature protocols 15 (6), 1954-1991, 2020
Dissection of the Natural Diversification of Microcystin Provides Lessons for Synthetic Biology of NRPS
S Sabine Meyer, JC Kehr, A Mainz, D Dehm, D Petras, RD Süssmuth, ...
Cell Chemical Biology 23 (4), 462–471, 2016
Mass spectrometry searches using MASST
M Wang, AK Jarmusch, F Vargas, AA Aksenov, JM Gauglitz, K Weldon, ...
Nature biotechnology 38 (1), 23-26, 2020
The medical threat of mamba envenoming in sub-Saharan Africa revealed by genus-wide analysis of venom composition, toxicity and antivenomics profiling of available antivenoms
S Ainsworth, D Petras, M Engmark, RD Süssmuth, G Whiteley, ...
Journal of Proteomics 172, 173-189, 2018
Top-down venomics of the East African green mamba, Dendroaspis angusticeps, and the black mamba, Dendroaspis polylepis, highlight the complexity of their toxin arsenals
D Petras, P Heiss, RA Harrison, RD Süssmuth, JJ Calvete
Journal of Proteomics, 2016
High-resolution liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry enables large scale molecular characterization of dissolved organic matter
D Petras, I Koester, R Da Silva, BM Stephens, AF Haas, CE Nelson, ...
Frontiers in Marine Science 4, 405, 2017
The extracellular matrix protects Bacillus subtilis colonies from Pseudomonas invasion and modulates plant co-colonization
C Molina-Santiago, JR Pearson, Y Navarro, MV Berlanga-Clavero, ...
Nature communications 10 (1), 1-15, 2019
Natural products as mediators of disease
N Garg, T Luzzatto-Knaan, AV Melnik, AM Caraballo-Rodríguez, ...
Natural Product Reports, 2016
Systematic classification of unknown metabolites using high-resolution fragmentation mass spectra
K Dührkop, LF Nothias, M Fleischauer, R Reher, M Ludwig, MA Hoffmann, ...
Nature Biotechnology 39 (4), 462-471, 2021
From single cells to our planet—recent advances in using mass spectrometry for spatially resolved metabolomics
D Petras, AK Jarmusch, PC Dorrestein
Current Opinion in Chemical Biology 36, 24-31, 2017
Transcriptomics-guided bottom-up and top-down venomics of neonate and adult specimens of the arboreal rear-fanged Brown Treesnake, Boiga irregularis, from Guam
D Pla, D Petras, AJ Saviola, CM Modahl, L Sanz, A Pérez, E Juárez, ...
Journal of proteomics 174, 71-84, 2018
Meta-mass shift chemical profiling of metabolomes from coral reefs
AC Hartmann, D Petras, RA Quinn, I Protsyuk, FI Archer, E Ransome, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2017
Mass spectrometry-based visualization of molecules associated with human habitats
D Petras, LF Nothias, RA Quinn, T Alexandrov, N Bandeira, A Bouslimani, ...
Analytical chemistry 88 (22), 10775-10784, 2016
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