Yan Hong
Yan Hong
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Photonic–plasmonic mode coupling in on-chip integrated optoplasmonic molecules
W Ahn, SV Boriskina, Y Hong, BM Reinhard
ACS nano 6 (1), 951-960, 2012
Enhanced Light Focusing in Self‐Assembled Optoplasmonic Clusters with Subwavelength Dimensions
Y Hong, M Pourmand, SV Boriskina, BM Reinhard
Advanced Materials 25 (1), 115-119, 2013
Electromagnetic field enhancement and spectrum shaping through plasmonically integrated optical vortices
W Ahn, SV Boriskina, Y Hong, BM Reinhard
Nano letters 12 (1), 219-227, 2012
Probing DNA stiffness through optical fluctuation analysis of Plasmon rulers
T Chen, Y Hong, BM Reinhard
Nano letters 15 (8), 5349-5357, 2015
Rational Assembly of Optoplasmonic Hetero‐nanoparticle Arrays with Tunable Photonic–Plasmonic Resonances
Y Hong, Y Qiu, T Chen, BM Reinhard
Advanced Functional Materials 24 (6), 739-746, 2014
Demonstration of efficient on-chip photon transfer in self-assembled optoplasmonic networks
W Ahn, Y Hong, SV Boriskina, BM Reinhard
ACS nano 7 (5), 4470-4478, 2013
Directed assembly of optoplasmonic hybrid materials with tunable photonic–plasmonic properties
Y Hong, W Ahn, SV Boriskina, X Zhao, BM Reinhard
The journal of physical chemistry letters 6 (11), 2056-2064, 2015
Computational analysis and experimental evidence of two typical levelers for acid copper electroplating
Z Lai, S Wang, C Wang, Y Hong, Y Chen, H Zhang, G Zhou, W He, K Ai, ...
Electrochimica Acta 273, 318-326, 2018
Investigation of poly (1-vinyl imidazole co 1, 4-butanediol diglycidyl ether) as a leveler for copper electroplating of through-hole
L Zheng, W He, K Zhu, C Wang, S Wang, Y Hong, Y Chen, G Zhou, ...
Electrochimica Acta 283, 560-567, 2018
A comparison of typical additives for copper electroplating based on theoretical computation
Z Lai, S Wang, C Wang, Y Hong, G Zhou, Y Chen, W He, Y Peng, D Xiao
Computational Materials Science 147, 95-102, 2018
Collective photonic-plasmonic resonances in noble metal-dielectric nanoparticle hybrid arrays
Y Hong, BM Reinhard
Optical Materials Express 4 (11), 2409-2422, 2014
Plasmonic nanotrough networks for scalable bacterial Raman biosensing
R Zhang, Y Hong, BM Reinhard, P Liu, R Wang, L Dal Negro
ACS applied materials & interfaces 10 (33), 27928-27935, 2018
Orientation-Dependent Exciton–Plasmon Coupling in Embedded Organic/Metal Nanowire Heterostructures
YJ Li, Y Hong, Q Peng, J Yao, YS Zhao
ACS nano 11 (10), 10106-10112, 2017
Improving wettability of photo-resistive film surface with plasma surface modification for coplanar copper pillar plating of IC substrates
J Xiang, C Wang, Y Chen, S Wang, Y Hong, H Zhang, L Gong, W He
Applied Surface Science 411, 82-90, 2017
Monitoring enzymatic degradation of pericellular matrices through SERS stamping
B Yan, Y Hong, T Chen, BM Reinhard
Nanoscale 4 (13), 3917-3925, 2012
Template-guided self-assembly of discrete optoplasmonic molecules and extended optoplasmonic arrays
BM Reinhard, W Ahn, Y Hong, SV Boriskina, X Zhao
Nanophotonics 4 (3), 250-260, 2015
Label Free Diagnosis for Colorectal Cancer through Coffee Ring Assisted Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy on Blood Serum
Y Hong, Y Li, L Huang, W He, S Wang, C Wang, G Zhou, Y Chen, X Zhou, ...
Journal of Biophotonics, e201960176, 2020
Optoplasmonic Hybrid Materials for Trace Detection of Methamphetamine in Biological Fluids through SERS
Y Hong, X Zhou, B Xu, Y Huang, W He, S Wang, C Wang, G Zhou, Y Chen, ...
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2020
A composite of epoxy resin/copper (II) acetylacetonae as catalyst of copper addition on insulated substrate
J Li, G Zhou, Y Hong, W He, S Wang, W Yang, X Su, Y Hu, F Xia, X Jin
Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics 29 (11), 9460-9465, 2018
Optoplasmonics: basic principles and applications
Y Hong, BM Reinhard
Journal of Optics 21 (11), 113001, 2019
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