Yuriy N. Luponosov
Yuriy N. Luponosov
Enikolopov Institute of Synthetic Polymeric Materials of the Russian Academy of Sciences
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Development of new methods in modern selective organic synthesis: preparation of functionalized molecules with atomic precision
VP Ananikov, LL Khemchyan, YV Ivanova, VI Bukhtiyarov, AM Sorokin, ...
RUSSIAN CHEMICAL REVIEWS 83 (10), 885-985, 2014
Alkyl Chain Engineering of Solution‐Processable Star‐Shaped Molecules for High‐Performance Organic Solar Cells
J Min, YN Luponosov, A Gerl, MS Polinskaya, SM Peregudova, ...
Advanced Energy Materials 4 (5), 1301234, 2014
Solubility based identification of green solvents for small molecule organic solar cells
I Burgués‐Ceballos, F Machui, J Min, T Ameri, MM Voigt, YN Luponosov, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 24 (10), 1449-1457, 2014
Effects of Alkyl Terminal Chains on Morphology, Charge Generation, Transport, and Recombination Mechanisms in Solution‐Processed Small Molecule Bulk Heterojunction Solar Cells
J Min, YN Luponosov, N Gasparini, M Richter, AV Bakirov, ...
Advanced Energy Materials 5 (17), 1500386, 2015
Interface Design to Improve the Performance and Stability of Solution‐Processed Small‐Molecule Conventional Solar Cells
J Min, YN Luponosov, ZG Zhang, SA Ponomarenko, T Ameri, Y Li, ...
Advanced Energy Materials 4 (16), 1400816, 2014
A solution-processable star-shaped molecule for high-performance organic solar cells via alkyl chain engineering and solvent additive
J Min, YN Luponosov, T Ameri, A Elschner, SM Peregudova, D Baran, ...
Organic electronics 14 (1), 219-229, 2013
First organosilicon molecular antennas
YN Luponosov, SA Ponomarenko, NM Surin, OV Borshchev, ...
Chemistry of Materials 21 (3), 447-455, 2009
Evaluation of electron donor materials for solution‐processed organic solar cells via a novel figure of merit
J Min, YN Luponosov, C Cui, B Kan, H Chen, X Wan, Y Chen, ...
Advanced Energy Materials 7 (18), 1700465, 2017
Nanostructured organosilicon luminophores and their application in highly efficient plastic scintillators
SA Ponomarenko, NM Surin, OV Borshchev, YN Luponosov, DY Akimov, ...
Scientific reports 4, 6549, 2014
Fully Solution‐Processed Small Molecule Semitransparent Solar Cells: Optimization of Transparent Cathode Architecture and Four Absorbing Layers
J Min, C Bronnbauer, ZG Zhang, C Cui, YN Luponosov, I Ata, P Schweizer, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 26 (25), 4543-4550, 2016
Molecularly Smooth Single-Crystalline Films of Thiophene–Phenylene Co-Oligomers Grown at the Gas–Liquid Interface
VA Postnikov, YI Odarchenko, AV Iovlev, VV Bruevich, AY Pereverzev, ...
Crystal growth & design 14 (4), 1726-1737, 2014
A combination of Al-doped ZnO and a conjugated polyelectrolyte interlayer for small molecule solution-processed solar cells with an inverted structure
J Min, H Zhang, T Stubhan, YN Luponosov, M Kraft, SA Ponomarenko, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 1 (37), 11306-11311, 2013
Design of donor–acceptor star-shaped oligomers for efficient solution-processible organic photovoltaics
SA Ponomarenko, YN Luponosov, J Min, AN Solodukhin, NM Surin, ...
Faraday discussions 174, 313-339, 2014
Effects of electron-withdrawing group and electron-donating core combinations on physical properties and photovoltaic performance in D-π-A star-shaped small molecules
YN Luponosov, J Min, AN Solodukhin, OV Kozlov, MA Obrezkova, ...
Organic Electronics 32, 157-168, 2016
Bithiophenesilane-based dendronized polymers: facile synthesis and properties of novel highly branched organosilicon macromolecular structures
SA Ponomarenko, NN Rasulova, YN Luponosov, NM Surin, MI Buzin, ...
Macromolecules 45 (4), 2014-2024, 2012
Highly luminescent solution-grown thiophene-phenylene co-oligomer single crystals
LG Kudryashova, MS Kazantsev, VA Postnikov, VV Bruevich, ...
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 8 (16), 10088-10092, 2016
Effect of molecular structure of α, α′-dialkylquaterthiophenes and their organosilicon multipods on ordering, phase behavior, and charge carrier mobility
DV Anokhin, M Defaux, A Mourran, M Moeller, YN Luponosov, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 116 (43), 22727-22736, 2012
Facile synthesis and optical properties of bithiophenesilane monodendrons and dendrimers
YN Luponosov, SA Ponomarenko, NM Surin, AM Muzafarov
Organic letters 10 (13), 2753-2756, 2008
Ultrafast Charge Generation Pathways in Photovoltaic Blends Based on Novel Star‐Shaped Conjugated Molecules
OV Kozlov, YN Luponosov, SA Ponomarenko, N Kausch‐Busies, ...
Advanced Energy Materials 5 (7), 1401657, 2015
Effects of oligothiophene π-bridge length on physical and photovoltaic properties of star-shaped molecules for bulk heterojunction solar cells
J Min, YN Luponosov, D Baran, SN Chvalun, MA Shcherbina, AV Bakirov, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2 (38), 16135-16147, 2014
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