Houston Wood
Houston Wood
Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, University of Virginia
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Streamlined unobstructed one-pass axial-flow pump
HG Wood, PE Allaire, DB Olsen, SW Day, X Song, A Untaroiu, ...
US Patent 7,229,258, 2007
Computational fluid dynamics prediction of blood damage in a centrifugal pump
X Song, AL Throckmorton, HG Wood, JF Antaki, DB Olsen
Artificial organs 27 (10), 938-941, 2003
Axial flow blood pumps
X Song, AL Throckmorton, A Untaroiu, S Patel, PE Allaire, HG Wood, ...
ASAIO journal 49, 355-364, 2003
Onsager's pancake approximation for the fluid dynamics of a gas centrifuge
HG Wood, JB Morton
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 101 (1), 1-31, 1980
Quantitative evaluation of blood damage in a centrifugal VAD by computational fluid dynamics
X Song, AL Throckmorton, HG Wood, JF Antaki, DB Olsen
J. Fluids Eng. 126 (3), 410-418, 2004
Axial-flow blood pump with magnetically suspended, radially and axially stabilized impeller
DB Olsen, PE Allaire, HG Wood, R Kipp, W Jiang, Z Lin, G Li
US Patent 7,070,398, 2006
Investigation of self-starting capability of vertical axis wind turbines using a computational fluid dynamics approach
A Untaroiu, HG Wood, PE Allaire, RJ Ribando
Design and initial testing of a mock human circulatory loop for left ventricular assist device performance testing
Y Liu, P Allaire, H Wood, D Olsen
Artificial organs 29 (4), 341-345, 2005
An advanced physiological controller design for a left ventricular assist device to prevent left ventricular collapse
Y Wu, P Allaire, G Tao, H Wood, D Olsen, C Tribble
Artificial organs 27 (10), 926-930, 2003
Computational design and experimental testing of a novel axial flow LVAD
A Untaroiu, HG Wood, PE Allaire, AL Throckmorton, S Day, SM Patel, ...
ASAIO journal 51 (6), 702-710, 2005
Numerical and experimental analysis of an axial flow left ventricular assist device: the influence of the diffuser on overall pump performance
A Untaroiu, AL Throckmorton, SM Patel, HG Wood, PE Allaire, DB Olsen
Artificial organs 29 (7), 581-591, 2005
Studies of turbulence models in a computational fluid dynamics model of a blood pump
X Song, HG Wood, SW Day, DB Olsen
Artificial organs 27 (10), 935-937, 2003
Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) study of the 4th generation prototype of a continuous flow ventricular assist device (VAD)
X Song, HG Wood, D Olsen
J. Biomech. Eng. 126 (2), 180-187, 2004
Numerical analysis of blood flow in the clearance regions of a continuous flow artificial heart pump
J Anderson, HG Wood, PE Allaire, DB Olsen
Artificial organs 24 (6), 492-500, 2000
Numerical modeling of fluid-induced rotordynamic forces in seals with large aspect ratios
A Untaroiu, CD Untaroiu, HG Wood, PE Allaire
Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power 135 (1), 012501, 2013
A computational fluid dynamics/bulk-flow hybrid method for determining rotordynamic coefficients of annular gas seals
PJ Migliorini, A Untaroiu, HG Wood, PE Allaire
Optimization studies for gas centrifuges
F Doneddu, P Roblin, HG Wood
Separation Science and Technology 35 (8), 1207-1221, 2000
Rotating compressible flows with internal sources and sinks
HG Wood, G Sanders
Journal of fluid mechanics 127, 299-313, 1983
On the dynamic properties of pump liquid seals
A Untaroiu, V Hayrapetian, CD Untaroiu, HG Wood, B Schiavello, ...
Journal of fluids engineering 135 (5), 051104, 2013
Computational analysis of an axial flow pediatric ventricular assist device
AL Throckmorton, A Untaroiu, PE Allaire, HG Wood, GP Matherne, DS Lim, ...
Artificial organs 28 (10), 881-891, 2004
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